Ali enters her third season as the Hawks Sideline Reporter. This year will be a
bit more special. Along with her sideline duties, Ali will also serve as the
`feature reporter,' presenting human-interest stories on each Hawks player.
An outspoken and opinionated radio personality on HOT 107.9's A-Team, Rashan Ali
brings unmatched charisma to every home game. She is an advocate in the
community having founded her own non-profit organization, Sporty Girls, Inc. The
foundation introduces young girls to non-traditional sports such as swimming,
soccer, golf and tennis. She is the wife of Brian Smith and the mother of Bailey
Sky Smith.


Hometown: Decatur, GA

Rookie Year in Radio: 2002

Pets: Camry, Cocker Spaniel

Married/Single/Other: Married To Brian

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Reading, Community Service

Causes You Believe In:
1. American Heart Association
2. Breast Cancer Awareness
3. Youth, especially young girls

Favorite Artist:
Cree Summer, T.I., John Legend

Book You'd Recommend: The Blackbird Papers (Ian Smith)

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz

Favorite CDs: Cree Summer, 112 (1st Album), Teedra Moses

I'd Give Anything To Meet: Jada Pinkett Smith--I want her to be my best friend!

Favorite Food: Seafood, especially sushi

You'd Never Know That I:
hated my widow's peak when I was younger and I would
shave it off with my dad's razor!

Closing Comment: I try to love everybody regardless of anything else!

Rashan Ali's All-Star Diary

Rashan Ali, the Hawks sideline reporter
extraordinaire and

radio personality for Hot 107.9,
participated in
the 2006 NBA All-Star weekend in
Houston. Much like she does at Hawks games, Ali
was there to roam the sidelines, interviewing
players and celebrities amongst other things.

Rashan has fun during the Rookie-Sophomore
festivities with Orlando's Dwight Howard

Post#5: All-Star Weekend, Day Four

The All-Star game was the greatest! I
interviewed Detroit's Richard Hamilton, Los
Angeles' Elton Brand, New Jersey's Vince Carter,
and Toronto's Chris Bosh. The evening was quite
eventful especially to see all the celebrities
having a great time amongst their peers. It
seems to be some sort of fraternity and sorority
in 'Star America.' Once you're in, everybody
knows and respects the next person. It seemed
quite evident as I watched Eva Longoria stare at
her boyfriend Tony Parker all night. She sat
next to Jamie Foxx, who sat closely to Mary J.
Blige and her husband. Ludacris conversed with
Queen Latifah and Donald Faison. Star
Jones-Reynolds, Jay Z, Julianne Moore, P Diddy,
Nelly, Destiny's Child, Former President George
Bush all made their appearances on Hollywood's
Stage in Houston (just to name a few).

We ended the evening at a party just for the
production crew. It was so nice to have a good
time with the people you've been working with
for four long days. It was the most fun I had
all weekend.

All in all, I met some really cool people that I
am sure I will have life-long relationships
with. It was such a wonderful and filling
experience! I grew in these few days believe it
or not. I think this entire experience has made
me better in so many ways. I'm thankful to the
Atlanta Hawks and the NBA for the opportunity!
It changed my life!

-- Rashan Ali, "All-Star
Chick" | 10:00 a.m. 02/21/06 |

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Post#4: All-Star Weekend, Day Three

day had to be the most hectic so far. With all
the events that took place, the production crew
was very intense.

We kicked off the evening with the Shooting
Stars competition. I interviewed Houston
hometown legend Clyde "The Glide" Drexler and
the Rockets' Tracy McGrady which was very
humbling to say the least. Mr. Drexler is one of
greatest to ever play the game and here I am in
his company. The word 'WOW' explains it.

I was at Center Court with LeBron James when the
producer scratched the interview because of time
constraints. So I felt okay since I was set to
interview former Hawk and current Maverick Jason
Terry before the 3-point competition. He was
very excited to do the interview being that we
had a great relationship when he was in Atlanta.
Needless to say, the interview got scrapped
because of the time again.

It's cool though! I have a few interviews set
for this evening at the All-Star game. It was
good to see Dominique Wilkins and Arthur Triche.
That felt like home! I have to give a big ups to
the Philips Arena crowd because this Houston
crowd has very little energy. There's nothing
like the A!!!

I ended the evening at the Players Association
party. I saw everyone from the Raiders' Warren
Sapp to the great Michael Jordan. I was
re-introduced to Jamie Foxx who performed. He
states his name when he is introduced to people
like nobody has ever heard of him. It's the
purest form of humility. The world could learn
from him.

I will check in before my flight back tomorrow.
Until then, take care.

-- Rashan Ali, "All-Star
Chick" | 3:00 p.m. 02/19/06 |

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Post#3: All-Star Weekend, Day Two

The T-mobile Rookie challenge was awesome! I
interviewed Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic
and Southwest Atlanta Christian for the
Sophomores and Channing Frye from the New York
Knicks for the Rookies. Its amazing how big
these men are with these baby faces. They are
all still very young even though we lose sight
of that at times.

I had several highlights from the evening. The
one that everyone was talking about was the Cha
Cha Slide! Yep, you heard it right! I had to
pump up the crowd before the second half. I was
joined by the 'Knicks City Kids.'. They are such
great dancers and they are so cute on top of
that! Well the objective was to get some of the
players to join me. Needless to say, it wasn't
an easy sell at first! But thank God I knew
Dwight from Atlanta and he was the first to join
me! Then Nate Robinson from the Knicks joined
in! Before we finished, we were having a party
at Center Court!! Everybody was talking about
that for the rest of the night!!! It was great!

Another highlight was meeting Shelly Smith from
ESPN! I respect her work so much! She seemed
equally excited for being recognized and honored
by another female pursuing the same dreams! I
topped the night off by attending the Boost
Mobile party hosted by Ludacris and Young Jeezy.
We tried to make it to Kenny Smith's party but
by the time we got there, there was no need to
try to fight the lines! I rested well for
tonigt's events! I can't wait to see Josh Smith
as he defends his title! It'll feel like home!!

Chat with you later!

-- Rashan Ali, "All-Star
Chick" | 3:45 p.m. 02/18/06 |

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Post#2: All-Star Weekend, Day One

The flight from Atlanta to Houston was
pretty smooth. Since the weather has been so up
and down in Atlanta, it seems as if the plane
was a bit mixed up. (If I'm allowed to give the
plane feelings.) I say all that to say, the air
conditioning simply wasn't functioning well on
the flight over. It was a bit warm. No, actually
it was hot!!! Nonetheless, I'm glad I made it
safely and I've been running ever since.

The production assistant met me at baggage claim
and took me straight to the Toyota Arena here in
Houston, Texas. The arena is nice, but Philips
Arena sets a pretty high precedent. There are
hundreds of production staff and crew preparing
for a weekend that is sure to be nothing less
the fabulous!!! I received the rundown of the
entire weekend and I have to say that I will
definitely be working very hard. I will be able
to interact with players, fans and celebrities.
From the way the script reads, I have a very
integral role. "Big Mike" from the Sacramento
Kings is awesome. He's done several All-star
events so he is a veteran. I am happy I will be
able to learn from someone who is already
seasoned, plus he can lead the way. I'm a
natural born leader, but I am a leader who likes
to be led as well.

The night was very demanding. We rehearsed for
hours. Everything should run like clock work
when the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge tips off on
Friday night. It's the big stage! This is like
opening night for the Hawks times 20!
Surprisingly, I'm relaxed. My hopes are that I
continue to stay in this state!

-- Rashan Ali, "All-Star Chick"
| 9:05 a.m. 02/17/06 |

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Post #1: "On My Way to Houston"

It's Thursday morning and I wish I had the words
to express how I am really feeling. If I had to
choose a few, I would say anticipation,
eagerness, anxiety and excitement all at the
same time. I have packed everything from "Hawks"
Tee-Shirts to black dresses and everything in
between. I am a woman, so I have two full
suitcases. I just never know what kind of mood I
will be in, so I have to accommodate for all of

I always saw myself as a credible sideline
reporter. I wanted to bring my own perspective
and personality and it's amazing how the very
thing you dream of your whole life becomes
reality. At the same time, it is very surreal. I
look forward to the unknown. It's such a
mystery. I take off at 2:30 and land in Houston,
Texas at 3:45. I will be on the go as soon as I
land. We have a wardrobe meeting at 5:30. Thanks
to Peter Sorckoff and Matt Payne in Game
Operations for the sweet "Hawks" gear. The
`approval session' will be followed by dinner
and a two-hour rehearsal. By Friday, I will know
everything that will be expected of me. I will
put on my smile and represent the Atlanta Hawks
organization well. Keep me in your thoughts as I
see my destiny unfold right before my eyes.

-- Rashan Ali, "All-Star Chick" |
2:30 p.m. 02/16/06 |

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