In June, business owners from around the world came together at Harvard Business School to take part in a three-day seminar titled “Leading Your Small Business Through Its Lifecycle,” where students learned best practices for managing their small businesses. Joining them at Harvard was Atlanta Hawks center and Buckhead Bottle Bar owner, Zaza Pachulia.

Over the course of the three-day seminar at Harvard, Zaza worked through “real life” case studies related to small business ownership alongside the other 60 students in the class. The class required each student to dissect three case studies per day, finding creative solutions to everyday situations in a variety of business platforms. Leading the class was Professor Richard S. Ruback who stated that Zaza “actively contributed to class discussions, showed a real passion for learning and gained a lot from his time at Harvard.”

Zaza agrees that Harvard was a great experience that will help him with his future as a professional athlete and small business owner in Atlanta.