Scouting Profile: Tyler Ennis


With the draft fast approaching, we will be taking a look at potential draft prospects with writers who have covered the prospects in college or -- in the case of international prospects -- spent a great deal of time scouting them. Today we’ll look at Tyler Ennis (G - Syracuse) with the help of SB Nation NBA draft guru Tyler Lashbrook (@lashy).

What are his strengths? Weaknesses?

Ennis is best at getting his team in an offense. He has a number of advanced ball handling moves, and he uses them to navigate through pick-and-rolls. He's a very skilled passer and he does a really good job of taking care of the ball, something rare for a guy so young.

He isn't very good at finishing around the rim, which I think has to do with his good-not-great athleticism. Don't get me wrong, he's a good athlete, but not when you compare him to starting NBA point guards. I also wonder about his ability to defend one-on-one. He produced a nice steal rate, but I just don't know because he played in Syracuse's zone.

How do you think his game translates to the NBA?

The NBA is pick-and-roll heavy and Ennis should adapt to that immediately. He isn't a great shooter, but he isn't by any means broken and he should only get better.

What style of play do you think he'd be most comfortable in?

He can really adapt to any style, so long as he has shooters surrounding him. He's very good at finding guys on the perimeter either out of the pick-and-roll or in isolation. I also think he has the ability to play for a team that plays at any pace as he's good both in transition and in the half court.

What NBA player would you compare him to?

That's tough. Some weird combination of Jameer Nelson and Jrue Holiday.

What do you see as his NBA ceiling (All-Star/Starter/Spot-Starter/Rotation Player)?

Fringe All-Star. At worst, he'll be a serviceable backup point guard, which I think is a pretty good floor in the middle of the first round.

What was his most memorable performance from this season?

His game winner against Pitt was probably the most memorable moment in college hoops, but the performance I remember most was against N.C. State in the ACC tournament. Syracuse lost, but Ennis was a boss on both ends.

Reporter: Robby Kalland