Scouting Profile: Gary Harris

With the draft fast approaching, we will be taking a look at potential draft prospects with writers who have covered the prospects in college or -- in the case of international prospects -- spent a great deal of time scouting them. Today we’ll look at Gary Harris (G - Michigan State) with some help from Jameson Draper (@jamdraper) who covers the Spartans for SB Nation’s and

What are Harris’ strengths? Weaknesses?

Gary Harris' best qualities are probably his defense and his shot. He's great at creating his own shot, getting an offense going and is a good defender. He can lock down either the two or one guard with his good frame and athleticism. As far as weaknesses go, Harris can be really streaky. There were games at MSU when the Spartans were relying on him, and he'd shoot miserable numbers from the field. Because of that, he probably can't be the number one offensive option on a team. He's also not a very multi-dimensional player on offense, with average passing abilities.

How do you think his game translates to the NBA?

Harris will never be a great NBA player, because he's not number one scoring option material and is not as versatile of a defender as a lot of shooting guards, but he's a sure bet to be a really good NBA player. He'll make shots and he'll play good defense. Teams who want to draft him should be looking for a shooting guard to round out an already really good starting lineup, not a player to save their franchise.

What style of play do you think he'd be most comfortable in?

Harris is quick and is great at creating his own shot, so an up-tempo, isolation offense would be ideal for him. He has a really high basketball IQ, though, so any systems, simple or complex, would really be a good fit for Harris.

What NBA player would you compare him to?

Gary Harris reminds me of Gerald Henderson with a little bit better of a three ball. A solid player who's a good defender that can attack the basket, but isn't and never will be a number one option.

What do you see as his NBA ceiling (All-Star/Starter/Spot-Starter/Rotation Player)?

Harris, at best, will be a solid starter on a really good team. He could be a solid starter if given the right opportunity. He has a high "floor", but his ceiling is very low for someone expecting to be drafted so high.

What was his most memorable performance from this season?

Now that I'm thinking about it, there weren't a lot of memorable performances from Harris that stick out to me. He had a plethora of 20+ point showings, but none in which were really memorable. Probably the most memorable was when MSU played Kentucky last November (it was #1 vs. #2 in the country at the time) and Harris showed up in the national spotlight to score 20 points. That really put him on the radar and is part of the reason he's being looked at in such high regard today.

Reporter: Robby Kalland