Google "Mike Scott" and This Is What You Get

A Google search of the term "Mike Scott" leads to a very amusing profile.

For those who don't know, Google creates a mini "profile" at the top of search pages when a public figure's name is put into the search box.  The box includes a photo of that person, a short bio pulled from that person's Wikipedia page and some revelant nuggets about him or her.

Scott's profile appears to be pulling all of the correct information, but with a unique photo.

The photo is Mike Scott alright...but it's the Mike Scott who plays in the band "The Waterboys."

I don't know exactly what the algorithm is or how much of it is automated vs. edited, but in this case Google is pulling the first image from its Image Results page to pair with the info in the profile.

Scott's Google profile is the only one I've found among all NBA players with an incorrect photo, so it's not like this is a common thing.  Yes, he has an extremely common name, which is the reason for the confusion, but that doesn't mean it's not funny.

For the record, the search engine Bing, which populates similar profiles at the top of search pages, has Scott's photo correct.

Scott was the "team clown" this season, so leave it to him to be the reason we find the loophole with Google's populated profiles.

Story by Jaryd Wilson