Dominique Wilkins Plays Basketball With Kids In New York

Ray Amati/NBAE/Getty Images

Dominique Wilkins is awesome.

On Tuesday, he stopped by Rucker Park in New York City for the first time in 32 years to shoot some hoops.  Per TMZ:

Dominique Wilkins hit up Rucker Park in NYC on Tuesday ... where he showed his jumper is still money, but what you really want to know is ... can he still throw it down?

The Human Highlight Film made an impromptu visit to the legendary playground where he hooped it up with a few insanely lucky kids. 'Nique tells TMZ Sports he hasn't played at Rucker since 1982 ... when he balled with former NBA legends James Worthy and Terry Cummings.

While it's clear 'Nique can still shoot the ball, he turned down a request to see him dunk, telling one onlooker, "Them days long gone, brother."

After playing at Rucker, Dominique told TMZ Sports, "The only thing you never lose is touch. I can still dunk, but only on Friday ... and I gotta warm up on Monday!"

I must say, the man still has game.  Click here to watch the video of him balling.

Story by Jaryd Wilson