Adreian Payne Answers Questions On Reddit

Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks rookie Adreian Payne just finished rookie training camp in New York, which includes the players putting on their team uniforms for the first time, posing for a photo shoot and shooting some hoops.

The players also answered a few questions on Reddit from fans during the NBA rookie AMA.  Payne's answers were hilarious, you can read them below:

What would you guess your 2k rating to be?

Same as Kobe's and LeBron LOL

I just wanted to tell you that what you did for Lacy Holsworth is truly the most moving story. I wanted to share the centerpiece of our dinning room with you, a photo taken at the memorial "Silent Dunk" for Lacy.[1] What you did for that girl and her family was remarkable and helped motivate and inspire myself to do more unselfish acts. You are great basketball player, and a better role model and I know your going to do big things in Atlanta. Can't wait to get my hawks Jersey!

Thank you!

What current player in the NBA are you looking forward to playing against the most.

Gary Harris

what's the biggest shock so far about being in the NBA?

Haha I would say the biggest shock has been living out a suitcase for 2-3 months now. It's been a crazy ride. People ask for your address and you don't have anything to tell them.

What was going through your mind when Adam Silver proclaimed your name?

I was just happy and excited. I was sweating.

What do you suspect will be your biggest contribution to the Hawks this season?

My biggest contribution would be is going to be my versatility. Second biggest will be my defense.

You can read all of the rookies' answers, sorted by team, player and upvote here.  The original Reddit AMA page can be found here.

Story by Jaryd Wilson