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Camping with Al Horford

Al with the Flip Cam Al Speaks at Hawks Summer Camp

For Al Horford the off-season does not mean a lot of time spent out of the gym. In addition to his own training and conditioning workouts, Al is spending a lot of time and energy to pass his knowledge and talents on to the next generation of athletes. Starting with a trip to Singapore with Basketball Without Borders, Al is involved with a variety of basketball camps this summer located from the far east to his native Dominican Repulic.

Horford made his first trip to Asia with BWB's four-day camp, along with other NBA stars Trevor Ariza, Taj Gibson, Francisco Garcia and former Florida Gator teammate Corey Brewer.

“I think we have made the most of it here, helping the kids and a doing a lot of activities with the NBA," Al told the AJC's Michael Cunningham. "I’ve had a blast. The Singapore people are excited about basketball here. The campers have been great. They are from all over Asia and some from the Middle East.”

The players involved with Basketball Without Borders, which is run jointly by the NBA and FIBA, don't just lend a hand with skills on the court. Al and his group spoke about fitness, nutrition and other healthy habits and also visited Jamiyah’s Children’s Home for orphans and underprivileged children.

Almost immediately after he returned from Singapore Horford began the first camp he has hosted in the Metro Atlanta Area. Again, Al was not alone as he got an assist from his dad, Tito Horford, who also played in the NBA, along with Mike Bibby.

Up next on Horford's summer camp tour is a pair of camps in his native Dominican Republic in the month of August.

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