Hawks 2008 Playoff Quiz

The Hawks and The Playoffs
By Jon Cooper

Sure, it's been a while since the Atlanta Hawks have been in postseason. But
throughout franchise history, there has been some memorable performers and

Now that Atlanta is back in it, it's the perfect opportunity to take a look back
at some of them.

Good luck!

1. Four times in franchise history the Hawks have made the finals. All four
times they faced the same team. Who was that team?
b. Boston
c. Los Angeles
d. San Francisco

2. How many NBA Championships have the Hawks won?
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

3. True or False: The Atlanta Hawks have never gotten past the second round
of the NBA Playoffs.

4. Against which team does Atlanta currently hold a two-series Playoff
winning streak?
New York
b. Chicago
c. Detroit
d. Indiana

5. Who holds the Hawks franchise record for scoring average (minimum 10
Bob Pettit
b. Dominique Wilkins
c. Pete Maravich
d. Steve Smith

6. Which Atlanta Hawks playoff record is NOT held by Dominique Wilkins?
Games Played
b. Points
c. Field Goals Made
d. Free Throws Made

7. Who holds the Hawks franchise playoff record for assists?
Spud Webb
b. Mookie Blaylock
c. "Doc" Rivers
d. Dominque Wilkins

8. Four of the top five franchise single-game rebounding highs are held by
the same player. Who is that force on the glass?
"Tree" Rollins
b. Bill Bridges
c. Walt Bellamy
d. Kevin Willis

9. Which franchise playoff record is NOT held by Bob Pettit?
Games Played
b. Points
c. Rebounds
d. Field Goals Made

10. Game Three of this year's playoffs will mark the first NBA playoff game
ever held at Philips Arena. Who were the Hawks' opponents in the first NBA
playoff game ever held at the Omni?
New York
b. Washington
c. Detroit
d. Boston

Bonus: The Atlanta Hawks' last playoff win was on May 16, 1999 in Game Five
of the Eastern Conference First Round. Who led the Hawks in scoring that day?

a. Grant Long
b. Steve Smith
c. Dikembe Mutombo
d. Mookie Blaylock

1. Boston. Then in St. Louis, the Hawks faced Boston in the Finals in
1957, '58, '60 and '61; 2. a. The Hawks won it all in 1956-57, beating
Boston four games to two; 3. False. The 1968-69 and '69-70 Hawks made the
Western Division Finals, losing both years to the Lakers; 4. c. The Hawks
beat Detroit in the first round in both 1997-98 and 1999 Playoffs; 5. b.
Dominique averaged 26.4 points per game in 51 career playoff games; 6. a.
Wayne "Tree" Rollins holds the Atlanta Hawks record, having played in 56 games;
7. c. "Doc" dished out 348 helpers in 44 games (7.91 assists per game);
8. b.
Bridges pulled down a franchise-best 36 boards for Atlanta, on March
27, 1971 at New York, he had 32 April 5, 1967 for St. Louis against San
Francisco, 25 for Atlanta on April 3, 1970 at Chicago and 22 March 27, 1969
against Houston; 9. a. Cliff Hagan's 90 games are two games more than
Pettit played. The Hall of Famer does lead the franchise in points (2,240),
rebounds (1,304), and field goals made (766); 10. d. The Celtics won,
126-113 in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals; BONUS: a. Long
had 26 points and 11 boards in Atlanta's 87-75 win. "Smitty" chipped in 15
points and six assists.

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