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In late December, Bruce Levenson, Michael Gearon and their partners bought out Steve Belkin's interest in the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers. This is a note from Bruce and Michael, managing partners of the teams and Philips Arena, to our fans.

- - -


As we begin 2011, we wanted to take time to express our appreciation for your support of the Hawks and the Thrashers, and to look forward to what the future can have in store for us.

We are fortunate to have had your support during a very unique set of circumstances and we thank you for sticking with our teams through it all.

The Hawks are the only current team in the NBA that has improved five years in a row and we’re excited about how the team has performed under Coach Drew’s new offense. We reshaped the Thrashers over the last year with a new, aggressive, gritty style of hockey, and we are proud of Coach Ramsay and our young team which is receiving recognition throughout the NHL for their success on the ice.

As we look to the second halves of the 2010-2011 NBA and NHL seasons, our goals remain the same as when we bought these teams: to bring Stanley Cups and NBA Championships to the fans in Atlanta. We dream of being a part of the crowd and the city that rallies with pride around the excitement that comes with being a part of the hometown team.

The players say that nothing gets them going more than the roar of the crowd, the crowd that so many of you have been a part of with us. So we cheer. And shout. And roar. Come roar with us. Come be part of the dream.

We hope your holidays were joyous and that you have a great New Year.

Bruce and Michael