2010 College Media Day with the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks held the annual College Media Day for college students on March 28 during the Hawks – Pacers game at Philips Arena. Following the afternoon’s activities, students were given the opportunity to submit a game story or recap of the events for publication on Hawks.com. Here are their stories:

My Experience at College Media Day
By Anthone Lee

Many Hawks fans including myself felt that Sunday’s game against the Indiana Pacer’s would be a for sure win for the exciting home team. However fans were in for a rude awakening. The shorthanded Pacer’s gave the playoff bound Hawks a legitimate run for their money on Sunday afternoon. The Hawk’s may have gone in to this game a tad bit cocky and felt they were going to win easily. “I always try to tell the team and push these guys to understand that you have to beat teams you're supposed to beat," Coach Mike Woodson said. "There are no “gimme games” However through discipline, tough defense, and tenacity the Hawks soared to a 94-84 win. The Hawks were led by their high flying small forward Josh Smith, who had 21 points and 13 rebounds. This win is the eighth straight at home for Atlanta Hawks.

My experience at college media day was memorable to say the least. From networking with fellow peers to meeting extremely important individuals I feel my day was a success. This day was also an opener for me. I found out that the jobs in the media field have its definite ups and downs. In this field you get to travel a tremendous amount, which is a huge plus to me. However that traveling can start to hurt your family life. I’m glad I was able to attend the college media day so I could see both sides of the career I am seeking. If afforded the opportunity I definitely would want to come back for another media day. I’m elated that I got the chance and thankful for my visit.

Backups and Defense key to Hawks Victory
By Matthew Asher

Quick: name five of the eight backups for the Atlanta Hawks. While starters get most of the credit, the backups are the unsung heroes. In Sunday’s game against the Pacers, the Hawks backups scored 29 of the team’s 94 points to keep Atlanta’s home winning streak to a season high eight games. Jamal Crawford led the backups with 17 points, the Hawks third highest scorer of the night.

Coach Mike Woodson believes the backups were the reason for the win. “Our second unit came in and really picked our defense up and got us going,” said Woodson. “And I thought that was the difference in the game.” The Pacers opened up the first quarter with 31 points. The Hawks limited the Pacers to only 34 points in the entire second half. Pacer’s forward Danny Granger, coming off a career high 44 points on Friday, was held to only 18 points.


By Blair Hooper

ATLANTA –Swoosh! That’s exactly the noise the net made at Phillips Arena Sunday evening as Josh Smith sent the ball screaming through the net after a behind the back pass from Zaza Pachulia during the fourth-quarter. The pair’s teamwork was one of many highlights Sunday as the Hawks took on the Indiana Pacers for the third and final game between the teams this season, in which the Hawks flew past the Pacers grabbing the victory, 94-84.

The Pacers showed up and showed out by putting up 31 points in the first quarter alone; with Brandon Rush’s triple a spectacle in itself. However Indiana only hit six of nine 3-point attempts, and allowed Atlanta to put up 26 points in the first quarter.

The Hawks defense then began to shine in the second-quarter as Jeff Teague blocked a fastbreak by Danny Granger. Hawks defense then shut down Granger only allowing him to do minimal damage of eighteen points for the game.

The second half was dominated by Hawks defense, “The third and fourth quarter were just solid defensively,” said Head Coach Mike Woodsen of his team.

Hawks duo Josh Smith and Al Horford were the standouts on the court with Smith concluding the game with 21 points and 12 rebounds. Al Horford came in after halftime and set the third-quarter on fire garnering 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 of 8 shooting; rebounding one to tie the game 59-59.

“Josh Smith and Al Horford made it really tough today and we have struggled with them all season,” said Indiana Head Coach Jim O’ Brien.

The Hawks then closed the door in the fourth quarter with Marvin Williams stylishly nailing a jump shot to secure the win.

The Hawks will take on the NBA Defending Champs, the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night at Philip Arena, and then pay a visit to Cleveland on Friday as they prepare for a third consecutive trip to the playoffs.


Hawks Media Day
By LT Melton

On Sunday, March 28, 2010 the Atlanta Hawks beat the Indiana Pacers 94-84 for their 47th win of the season, which matched the total wins for the 2008-09 season, with nine games still left in the current season. Unbeknownst to most of the fans in attendance the Hawks were also giving local college students an exclusive glimpse at the relationship between the organization and the press, with their annual Hawks Media Day. Student studying journalism, communication, and other media related studies were privy to the behind the scenes world of the Hawks PR staff as well as treated to a boisterous question and answer session, with notable speakers: Jerome Jerenovich of Hawks TV, Steve Holman of Hawks Radio, Arthur Triche who is the Vice President of the Hawks PR department, and NBA.com blogger Sekou Smith.

After the students were able to quiz the speakers on numerous media related topics ranging from gender roles and relations, Joe Johnson’s impending free agency, the students were guided to the press box by gracious hosts, Lauren Harper, and Reginald King, where they were able to observe the game. Of course some of the students had to be gently reminded by Ms. Harper that there is no cheering in the press box. Once the game had reached its zenith, the students were then allowed to not only sit in on the post game press conference but able to ask Coach Woodson a few questions of their own.

The Hawks annual media day was a golden opportunity for college students interested in pursuing post graduation media careers, to gain invaluable insight from those who have achieved success in the field. It was one way that the Hawks and Atlanta Spirit have reached out to the community by affording students this chance.


Half-time turnaround leads Hawks to a win
By Ericka Birdsong

After a rough start, the Atlanta Hawks beat the Indiana Pacers 94-84.

Poor defense hurt the Hawks early on, causing them to trail by as many as 8. Stepping up their game in the second quarter, the Hawks held the Pacers to 19 points. Jamal Crawford put 10 on the board and Atlanta went into half-time with a 2 point defecit.

After the half, Atlanta came out fighting. Going to the ground and hustling hard, the Pacers were held to 13 points. Al Horford put up 12 of his own.

The final quarter was a battle for both teams. Josh Smith racked up 11 points, 6 off dunks. Even with the shot clock violation, the Hawks couldn't be stopped.

Coach Mike Woodson believes their "second unit was key" and that they really picked their defense up.
Hopefully this win helps them as they face the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.


“Hawks Defeat the Pacers, the Streak Begins!”
By Lilia Stokes

The Atlanta Hawks captured an important win Sunday evening against the Indiana Pacers 94-84. The Pacers have been having a rough season with an overall (27-47) record; they were in desperate need of capturing a win on Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks. At one point the Pacers held an 8 point lead against the Hawks. Danny Granger was one of the Pacers leading scorers in the game Sunday, scoring 18 points.

Jamal Crawford was the leading scorer with 21 points. Defensively the Hawks knew they were going to have to defensively double down on Granger, after his 44 point run against Utah. Crawford spoke about Granger’s performance on the court saying, “Granger’s a guy who can get it going. He had 44 in his last game. We knew it would take a total effort (to contain him).” The win Sunday was a collaborative effort, the entire team had to step up and contribute offensively, as well as on the defensive end.

The Atlanta Hawks owes much of its success to leader Mike Bibby, Coach Woodson said, “Without Bibby, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today. He jump- started two years ago, and he’s kind of been our leader out on the floor as far as directing traffic, and we’re going to continue to need him to do it.”

The Hawks have the Pacers win under their belt, and plan on keeping this momentum in efforts to defeat the Lakers on Wednesday. In speaking about the upcoming games against the Lakers and the Cavs Coach Woodson believes,” It’s not going to be easy. They’re two tough teams, two of the best teams in the league. We’ll just take it one game at a time. We know there won’t be any easy way of beating those teams.” After the win Sunday the Hawks now have a record of (47-26).


Atlanta Hawks Victorious After 94-84 Win Over the Indiana Pacers
By Tina Theriault

Aggressive playing and a crowd-awing slam dunk by Josh Smith in the fourth-quarter secured the eighth consecutive home victory for the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday against the Indiana Pacers.

Josh Smith contributed 21 points to the Hawks’ 94-84 win, while Al Horford followed closely behind adding 18 points to the team’s score.

Although one of the newest players to the Hawks’ roster, Horford has become vital to the Hawks’ success this season averaging 14 points a game.

“He’s been on a nice roll lately,” said Head Coach Mike Woodson about Hoford. “He’s been getting the double-doubles, and we’re going to need him to keep doing that.”

While the Hawks have definitely established their credibility as a team to be feared, their next two upcoming games will prove to be some of the toughest of their season.

Following this Wednesday’s night game at Philips Arena against defending NBA champions the LA Lakers, the Hawks will go on to battle the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday away.

“It’s not going to be easy,” vouched Hawks’ guard Jamal Crawford. “They’re two tough teams, two of the best in the league. We’ll just take it one game at a time.”


Smith, Horford lead Hawks past Pacers for 94-84 victory
By Emily Thomas

The Hawks ended the Indiana Pacers’ five-game winning streak and continued its season-high eighth consecutive win at home with a 94-84 victory on Sunday.

Josh Smith was the high scorer with 21 points and 13 rebounds, while Al Horford added 18 points and 12 rebounds.

Smith, with Zaza Pachulia’s assist, made a fourth-quarter dunk that excited Hawks fans.
“Zaza likes to do his thing a little bit in the open court, so I’m not going to hate on his shine. It was nice” Smith said of his teammate.

Horford’s contribution was vital to the Hawks victory on Sunday. “He’s been on a nice roll lately, getting the double-doubles, and we’re going to need him to continue to do that” said Head Coach Mike Woodson of Horford’s recent performance.

The next two games for the Hawks will give measure to what their third straight trip to the playoffs will be like. With the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers playing at Philips Arena on Wednesday night, and the trip to Cleveland to follow on Friday, the Hawks will determine their playoff future.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Jamal Crawford said. “They’re two tough teams, two of the best in the league. We’ll just take it one game at a time.”

By Crystal D. Jordan

Over 30 eager college undergraduates packed into a Phillips Arena conference room to hear words from sports broadcast and media elites Jerome Jurenovich, Steve Holman, Arthur Triche, and Sekou Smith for the Atlanta Hawks College Media Day 2010. Each professional gave their insight on the world of professional sports broadcasting and how each student could too, be like them and follow our own career dreams. It was then shortly after tip-off when us students were led into the press box where we watched Coach Woodson’s Hawks defeat Coach O’Brien’s Pacers 94-84. After being down at halftime, 50-48 the Hawks rebounded and ended up on top by 10. In a postgame interview, Coach Woodson agreed that after being down by two it was his team’s defense that secured the win and said, “The third and fourth quarter were just solid defensively. They [Indiana Pacers] only scored 30-some points in the second half.” From beginning to end, the Atlanta Hawks College Media Day was unforgettable to say the least and a reassurance of my future career goals—working in the professional sports industry as a sports broadcaster.


Atlanta Hawks Hosts College Media Day
By Raynette K. Palmer

When the Atlanta Hawks fans flooded the Phillips Arena on Sunday for the game against the Indiana Pacers, a special group of college students were among the flood. All who were in attendance witnessed the Hawks take the Indiana Pacers by storm with a 94-84 victory.

However this special group had an amazing opportunity to experience so much more.

The Atlanta Hawks College Media Day gave students a glimpse into the world of media from a bird’s eye view. The day was jam-packed with insight. Opportunities to learn about the media business and sports journalism were abundant. Students in attendance came from various colleges such as Georgia State, University of Georgia, and Spelman College.

The demographics and backgrounds of the students who were in attendance were just as diverse as the colleges they represented. Diversity in the media was tackled by Jerome Jurenovich of Hawks TV; “The media industry is not about gender,” he states, “It is not about color. It is about who is going to work the best. Who is going to be available when they are needed the most?”

Questions were the only things that moved across the room as all students got a chance to speak with other Hawks PR staff representatives. When a student asked about the typical schedule of a sports broadcaster, Jurenovich replied quickly, “Broadcasting does not have an off season. It is a year round job. You have to be willing to sacrifice.”

One student inquired about how to have longevity in the industry. The answer to his question was to “keep up with technology.” This is obviously important, considering the tight condition of the job market and the competitiveness of the broadcasting industry these days. All were given a heads up that in the 21st century it takes a multi-dimensional and multi-tasking individual to get ahead.

After a fair amount of time to answer questions, students then moved into the arena to view the Hawks game from media seating. Before the students could settle into their seats, the Hawks were off to playing what seemed like a relaxed yet point-for-point game against the Pacers.

When the Hawks broke the 61-61 tie in the third quarter, students took a quick break of their own to eat, chat, and network in the Phillips Arena lobby. During this time, Anthone Lee, a student at Georgia State University spoke on his experience, “I’m very excited to be here. They did not have to open up the doors for us, but I’m glad they gave us this opportunity.”

Personalities came alive as other conversations were sparked about the game and the event so far. As Arthur Triche, VP of Public Relations for the Atlanta Hawks states, “Personality is key. It is very important for students to cultivate relationships, and ask as many questions as possible.” He too realized that this opportunity to ask those in the industry was very rare. All who were in attendance were excited about the chance to add valuable contacts to their little blackbooks BlackBerrys.

Not long after the students returned to their seats, Josh Smith soared through the air for a quick dunk and brought them right back to their feet. Excitement was in the air. Smith, who was the Hawks’ leading scorer for the night finished with 21 points. Right behind him with 17 points was Al Horford whose offensive performance was nothing short of incredible.

Performances like Horford’s will be a big help in the near future. Head Coach Mike Woodson spoke on Horford’s performance saying, “He’s been consistent since day one he stepped foot in Atlanta, and put on an Atlanta Hawks uniform. He’s been fantastic.”

At the end of the game students rushed to attend a press conference with Coach Woodson, who was elated about the Hawks’ victory. The icing on the cake for the students? A chance of a lifetime—an opportunity for students to ask the head coach of an NBA team questions about his team’s performance.
Coach Woodson took time out to answer questions from all students before leaving. Hopefully, after leaving the press conference, that same feeling of victory that he was able to have on Sunday night will reoccur for the remainder of the season.

After the day was done, the students left with new contacts made, and more importantly the skills that they will need to pursue careers in the media business. Steve Holman of Hawks Radio made it clear when he gave what could be called “4 quick plays” to jumpstart your career:

  • Meet as many people as you can! – Networking is key. In some cases it may weigh more than a college degree.
  • Read the news paper out loud-Sure, it may sound silly at first but it’s a great way to tone your vocal skills as a reporter.
  • Have a great audition tape-Record yourself presenting your best, and when the opportunity comes, you can present the best.
  • Practice in the mirror-Presentation is a part of the job. Know how to handle yourself by looking comfortable when on camera.

The Atlanta Hawks Public Relations team opened up a door for college students who are looking forward to reporting from the sidelines anytime soon. The Atlanta Hawks Media College Day was more than just another opportunity.

For these students, it was practice for game day.


By Jerel Marshall

With just nine games remaining in their regular season, the Atlanta Hawks were able to cruise past the Indian Pacers, 94-84, snapping Indiana’s five game winning streak Sunday at Phillips Arena.
Although the first half was closely contested, a strong defensive showing in the second half carried Atlanta to a victory.

“The third and fourth quarters were just solid defensively,” Hawks Head Coach Mike Woodson said. “They only scored 30-some points in the second half.”

The Hawks proved to be effective in slowing the down the Pacers pick-and-roll.

“Atlanta always gives you problems because they switch every ball screen,” Pacer swingman Danny Granger said. “We just really didn’t take advantage of the switches like we should have tonight.”
Granger was held to 18 points after going for 44 points the game before against the Utah Jazz.

The Hawks were led by Josh Smith and Al Horford, who both recorded double-doubles.

“Horford took over in the third quarter and that’s why they got their big lead,” Pacer guard Brandon Rush said. “Josh Smith started to play well and that’s when things started going downhill for us.”
Smith was the number one point-man and rebounder for the Hawks with 21 points and 13 rebounds. Horford added 18 points and 12 boards.

Crawford started out hot, knocking down four consecutive shots to start the second quarter. The Pacers eventually managed to slow him down, allowing him to hit just 2-of-11 field goal attempts in the second half. Crawford finished the game with 17 points and six assists.

Troy Murphy led the way for the Pacers with 21 points and a game high 14 rebounds. Murphy had the hot hand early, scoring nine first quarter points off of 4-of-5 shooting.

Indiana’s floor general, Earl Watson also had a solid game. Watson provided the Pacers with a game high 13 dimes.

The Pacers showed an efficient perimeter attack in the first quarter connecting on six of their nine attempts from three-point land. The Hawks were able to adjust, allowing just two more three-pointers for the rest of the contest.

The Hawks used their size to gain a 53-39 advantage on the boards.

“Their length always gives us a problem as it did again today,” Pacer Head Coach Jim O’Brien said. “They were quicker to the offensive rebounds.”

The Hawks have one all three meetings against the Pacers this season.

The Hawks will be back in action Wednesday March 31 as the take on Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers at Phillips arena. The Pacers next contest will take place Tuesday March 30 against, rookie sensation, Tyreke Evans and the Sacramento Kings at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indiana.


Atlanta Hawks defeat Indiana Pacers 5-game winning streak
By Brittany Hampton

ATLANTA- The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Indiana Pacers 94-84 Sunday evening in the Philips Arena.
Josh Smith, the Atlanta Hawks’ forward, averaging 15.8 points a game and 8.7 rebounds, scored 21 points, grabbed 13 boards off the glass, and added two assists Sunday evening. Smith’s scores contributed towards the Hawk’s 47-26 season record and victory against the Pacers.

The jump ball started the game with Smith, 6’9” and Roy Hibbert 7’2.” Smith tipped the ball to Al Horford and the game began.

The first quarter ended with the Pacers up by five, 31 to 26 points. Second quarter began again with the Pacers up by two, with 50 to 48 points.

With Al Horford, the Hawks’ center, scoring 18 points, Jamal Crawford, the guard, scoring 15, and Joe Johnson, guard, 14, the Hawks conquered the Pacers in the third quarter. Leaving out of the third quarter with the Hawks, 72, and the Pacers, 63, they used their defensive players Josh Smith and Al Horford to contribute towards the victory.

“Josh Smith and Al Horford made it really tough today and we have struggled with them all season,” said Indiana Pacers Head Coach Jim’ O’Brien.

In addition to that, “Al Horford has been playing really well for Atlanta all season and he did that again today. Josh Smith had a good game and Joe Johnson was Joe Johnson,” said the Indiana Pacers forward, Danny Granger.

“He’s been consistent since day one he stepped foot in Atlanta, and put on an Atlanta Hawks uniform,” said Coach Woodson.

The Atlanta Hawks will have home court advantage against the Los Angeles Lakers this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and travel away to play the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday at 8:00 p.m.

“It’s not going to be easy.” Crawford said. “They’re two tough teams, two of the best in the league. We’ll just take it on game at a time.”

Hawks seek spark from bench to pull out win over Pacers
By Kendra Bayne

Despite getting off to a shaky start, the Atlanta Hawks (47-26) finished strong with a 94-84 win over the Indiana Pacers (27-47) Sunday night at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Provided with a tremendous amount of depth off the bench, the team sought to their second unit for a boost, something that will prove beneficial as the team seeks to make a run in the NBA playoffs next month.

“I thought our second unit was key tonight,” Hawks coach Mike Woodson stated. “They came out blazing…they’ve been playing well. I think they’ve won four or five in a row, so I knew they’d come in ready to play.”

The second unit provided 29 of the team’s 94 points , in which all 24 points came after the 1st quarter and were sparked by Jamal Crawford’s 17 points. Josh Smith led all Hawks with 21 points, and Al Horford contributed 18.

“He’s (Horford) been consistent since day one when he stepped in Atlanta, and put on an Atlanta Hawks uniform,” Woodson exclaimed in regards to Horford’s presence on the court. “He’s been fantastic. He’s been on a nice roll lately, getting the double-doubles, and we’re going to need him to continue to do that.”
Head coach Jim O’Brien of the Pacers noticed the performance by Smith and Horford, who helped shut down the Pacers on the boards.

“Josh Smith and Al Horford made it really tough today and we have struggled with them all season,” O’Brien said, whose team has no chance to make the NBA playoffs next month, as they sit at second to the bottom to the Detroit Pistons in the Central Division.

The Pacers also attributed much of their loss to simply not making shots when they found the Hawks switching on ball screens.

“We missed a lot of shots around the basket,” forward Danny Granger said, who put up 18 points for the Pacers. “Atlanta always gives you problems because they switch on every ball screen. We just really didn’t take advantage of the switches like we should have tonight.”

The Hawks host the Los Angeles Lakers at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, where they will look to improve their record for the 5th straight season. Friday the team travels to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers.
“It’s not going to be easy,” Woodson said about the two upcoming games. “They’re two tough teams, two of the best in the league. We’ll just take it one game at a time. We know there won’t be any easy way of beating those teams.”

By Anum Mohammad

The Hawks are one game away from the number three seed in the East after pulling their season-high eighth straight home game victory against the Pacers on Sunday.

Josh Smith led the team with 21 points and 13 rebounds with Horford also displaying a double-double. Johnson and Crawford rounded out the top scorers and added assists.

The Hawks resurfaced from a two-point deficit at the half to steal the lead in the third and run away with it in the fourth resulting in a 94-84 victory against Indiana.

The Pacers started with a hot hand behind the three, but the Hawks were beastly on the boards. Add Bibby’s knack at “directing traffic” (resulting in eight assists), along with a second unit that “came out blazing” on defense according to Hawks Head Coach Mike Woodson, and it was really the Hawks that were the pacers.

Pacers Head Coach Jim O’Brien said they had trouble with the Hawks’ athleticism.

“Josh Smith had a good game and Joe Johnson was Joe Johnson,” Pacer Danny Granger added.

But Atlanta needed the win; the Hawks are set for a battle royal against reigning NBA champs, the Lakers at Phillips Arena on Wednesday.