Why My Teacher Is A Hero Essay Contest Winners

5th Grade Winner Sierra Hubbard's entry:

Look, up in the sky! It's faster than a digital calculator! Holds as much knowledge as a set of World Book Encyclopedias! Knows more "corny" jokes then anyone I know! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! Wait a minute...it's, it's...my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Kiernan.

Seriously, Mr. Kiernan is quite the teacher. I got to Allgood Elementary in Dallas, Georgia and Mr. Kiernan has been teaching there for about 4 years. I had heard a lot about him and officially met him when I was in 3rd grade. I was in the Science Club, and Mr. Kiernan was one of the teachers involved in that. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the Science Club and soon learned the he had a love for Science, had an answer for just about every question and loved to crack jokes. It was an extraordinary experience, and I had a great time and learned a lot.
So, this year, going into the 5th grade, when I learned I had Mr. Kiernan, I was very excited! I knew that this year was going to be one I wouldn't forget. Boy was I surprised! The first few weeks were a little hard getting used to. Everything was different from what I imagined. The rules, the "HOMEWORK", the jokes, I mean, it was really strange.

After being in his class for a few months, I realized that what I took for "strictness" was actually concern for our well being. By "our", I mean the entire class. Mr. Kiernan comes across as very stern and rather "hard-core" at times. But I've learned that he genuinely cares about all of his students and wants them to do their best. I know he is trying to prepare us for middle school and lies ahead.

Now, about why's he's my hero. Well, Mr. Kiernan has been a wonderful influence so far. Fortunately, I am in the "Gifted Program" and excel in Math, Reading and Writing. I know that sounds great, but sometimes it's a problem. For example, in Math, at the beginning of the year, we took our Placement Test. I did very well and Mr. Kiernan thought that I was capable of doing work above 5th grade level. He took it upon himself to speak with our principal and about possibly supplementing my Math so that I would be challenged and learn more. I couldn't believe it! That meant more work for Mr. Kiernan. He would have to make my assignments on his won time and teach me Math that was different from the rest of the class.

In the weeks that followed, we had to do testing every day to make sure I was learning and retaining what I learned. If there was a problem, he would work with me until I understood it completely. He never lost his patience and was always willing to help. He would also come up with Math puzzles, problem solving activities, logic puzzles and anything that would benefit my learning. But the amazing thing is that he is like that with everyone in the class! We have 30 students, and I have seen a line all the way to the door with classmates waiting to ask questions about, or fix, a Math problem. And again, never once have I seen him ever get aggravated, lose patience or make anyone feel bad, no matter how many times they have to come up and ask.

Also, Mr. Kiernan's approach is rather comical at times. He has been everything from a blooming daisy, to a country hick, a disco dancer (to Spanish no less), a creative bubble wrap paper, the savior of lost and forgotten basketballs, a singer and he has even done handstands and cartwheels. He is creative and cracks the corniest jokes I've ever heard! I mean he will even make it a point tell us he's funny and to laugh! Too funny.

One of the biggest things I admire about Mr. Kiernan is his support in all the things his students do. And I don't mean just schoolwork. For instance, if a group of kids wants to make up a play and do it at recess, he's the first to "plop" on the ground and give them his undivided attention. He makes sure that he lets them know what a wonderful job they did. If you tell him about something you are doing outside of the classroom, whether it's a baseball tournament, a chorus performance, or just a party you hare having, he will make it a point to ask you about it when he sees you again.

I have has some wonderful teachers in the past, but I know that this year with Mr. Kiernan will be one of my best and one I will never forget. He is caring, kind and funny. He is very supportive and sincere. He also stands his ground and I admire him for that. He is a great influence and role model to the students at Allgood. I know that years from now, I will look back on my 5th grade year and remember Mr. Kiernan and how he was my teacher, me mentor, my example and...my hero. And I know that, if possible, he'd be dressed in his Super Hero costume, all in orange, with a huge "T" on the front for "teacher. Or perhaps for "Tennessee" Vols, who knows?

1st Grade winner Parker Quarles' entry:

Do you know that heroes don't always dress in superhero suit? A hero can wear regular clothes and they can be regular people. My teacher is a hero because she teaches me a lot. My teachers name is Mrs. Brookshire. She is very nice and fun to have as a teacher. The most important part of being a hero is that they change the world. Mrs. Brookshire changes the world by teaching us how to write, spell, think and read. With her we get smarter and smarter every day. We may even grow up to be a scientist or a teacher or a person who fights for justice. We may also grow up to be a hero. A hero is someone who helps people. Mrs. Brookshire helps us to use our minds to think. She helps when someone needs her. She helps us to do our math and reading. Mrs. Brookshire is really nice because she gives us hints instead of the answer so we get to think more. Did you know that being a hero is not easy? You have to work hard. You have to spend your time saving the world. Mrs. Brookshire works hard grading papers and teaching. It is hard to be a teacher because you might have to repeat yourself. When the class doesn't listen, she gets frustrated. After she gets frustrated she calms down. My teacher is a hero because she teaches us so we can be smart. When we are smart we get an education. When we get an education we use our mind to not be lazy. Also when you are smart, you can be a hero. Mrs. Brookshire is not like spiderman, batman and power rangers. This hero is a normal person. She does not fight crime. She fights against the dumb, stupid and bored. She saves her students from being lazy. Mrs. Brookshire does not have super hero suit and she does not have a super power. She uses her mind to help people. Mrs. Brookshire is also cool because she can count to 3000. Did you know that super heroes are hard to find? I found my hero at Macedonia Elementary. You can find Mrs. Brookshire teaching my first grade class. She is the best teacher I ever had!

3rd Grade winner Jason Klein's entry:

My name is Jason, I am in the third grade, and Mrs. Collins is my teacher. Mrs. Collins is my hero because she makes learning really fun! One fun thing is that she will let us have an ice cream party if we learn our times tables. And I'm not only doing my times tables to have ice cream, I'm also doing it to grow up to be real smart. We have to take a test every Friday, and if we don't pass the test the first time, she lets us do it a couple more times until we get it. That way everyone in our class will be able to learn their times tables. She also lets us have ice cream parties at the end of the month if we don't have all the punches out of our cards (we get a punch out of cards every time we act bad). Luckily, no one has ever been that bad! Another fun thing was on the rock chapter of our science book, she let us make candy of the three different kinds of rock which are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. That was fun and we learned from it. One time we did a science experiment where we made Gak. Gak is something that is slimy and you can make it in many different colors. It was fun to use it to gross out my mom and brother when I got home from school. Another fun thing is she lets cool people come to our class like her friend that is a science professor. She showed us lots of cool things like putting soap on a pipe and the putting water through it and bubbles came out of the end of the soap on it.

Mrs. Collins is also my hero because she understands kids real well. She has read all of the Harry Potter books that have come out, and I'm only on the fourth one! It's fun talking to her about what happens in the book because it has been a while since she read them. Her favorite character is Harry Potter, but mine is Professor Lupin who turns into a werewolf.

She is also my hero because she really loves everybody in my class. She treats everyone the same and she never yells at anyone ever though kids are sometimes real bad, and she is real mad, but she never ever yells. She helps everyone, absolutely everyone, that she sees with their hand in the air. Mrs. Collins also sent me a postcard just to say to have a good Thanksgiving holiday. I was real excited to get a postcard from her because I haven't gotten mail in a long time. Another way I can tell she really l9ves us is that whenever I'm feeling sick at all, Mrs. Collins is always concerned about me and lets me go to the nurses office. When I come back to school after being out sick, she always asks me how I am feeling she really cares about me!

4th Grade winner Christina Pham's entry:

My teachers, the hero, is Doctor Carter. He is my SCORE teacher and I really appreciate what he has done for me. He has taught me Latin words and Greek mythology. My favorite goddess from what the Greeks believed is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

My teacher, Dr. Carter, is silly. He also likes music. He was in a band when he was young. He has made up about 200 songs. One of his songs is called "a Summertime Time". That is one of my favorite songs.

Dr. Carter is also interested in Europe. That's why he taught us Latin and Greek mythology. He says we'll learn German, too.
Did I tell you he likes to cook? Well, he does. He has many cook books. When he first came to our school, he put up European dishes on his bulletin board. Maybe we'll have a picnic this year with him!

The thing I think I like the most about Dr. Carter is that he cares for me. When I had the flu, he called my mother and asked if I was okay. I don't even know how he got my phone number, but it was sure sweet of him. Now he is teaching me German. It is very hard to remember all the words he had taught us. He says later on we will learn Latin. I love learning new languages.

We are also working on a beautification project for our school. We grew plants at the school and we covered our garden area with pine straw.

Once, when we were studying Norse mythology, Dr. Carter came to school dressed as a Norse hero named "Beowulf." That's the thing I like second most about him. He also dressed up as Dracula on Halloween. When we were studying Greek mythology, we studied The Iliad and The Odyssey. We also studied that twelve main gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology which are: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Hades, Artemis, Hermes, Ares, Apollo, Athena and Hestia.

I had forgotten to tell you about how Dr. Carter had taught us the German version of "Silent Night." We sung it on our school's morning news show. Everyone thought it was good.

We also learned about chronology, which is the study of time and we studied timelines. We learned what B.C. and A.D. means too. B.C. means "Before Christ" and A.D. means Anno Domini, which is Latin for "In the year of our Lord." Dr. Carter made up a game we played called "Chronology Scramble" which helped us learn how to understand chronology by creating a human timeline.

That is why my teacher, Dr. Carter, is my favorite teacher. He has taught me things I've never thought a teacher would and that's why I'm entering the contest and writing this, yes, to tell why Dr. Carter is my hero and I want the world to know how special he is to me.