Throughout the year, the Atlanta Hawks receive thousands of requests from
schools, non-profit organizations, community groups and charity events. Requests
can be made for tickets, player appearances and autographed Hawks memorabilia.
We make a commitment to reply to each request within a reasonable amount of
time, however we ask that you please consider our guidelines in making your
requests, as we adhere to the following policies:

1. The Atlanta Hawks Community Development department limits donations to
in-state organizations within a 75-mile radius of Atlanta. This policy enables
us to focus our resources on our own local charities.

2. The organization must be a charitable, 501c3, organization.

3. The organization's primary focus must be children.

4. All requests must be submitted in writing on organization's letterhead.

5. All requests must be received at least four 4-6 weeks prior to the scheduled
event date and should include the following information:

  • Description/mission of the organization/event
  • Specific description of what you are requesting from the Atlanta Hawks
  • Event purpose
  • Event date and time
  • How the item(s) will be used (raffle, door prize, auction)
  • What/who proceeds will benefit

    Organizations are limited to one request within a twelve-month period. You will
    receive a reply via mail on all merchandise requests. All requests will be
    considered on a first-come first-served basis. We will honor as many requests as

    Donation requests can be faxed to 404-878-3480 or mailed to: Atlanta Hawks, 101
    Marietta St. NW, Suite 1900, Atlanta, GA 30303. Attn: Community Development
    Donation Request.

    Appearance Requests

    The Atlanta Hawks organization is committed to being involved in the community
    and working with organizations that make a positive impact on children in the
    Atlanta area. To show their community support beyond the basketball court, the
    Atlanta Hawks players/coaches, mascots and dance team value the opportunity to
    get involved in charitable events throughout Atlanta.

    Although they are eager to reach every fan, their availability is limited. The
    Atlanta Hawks will make every effort to accommodate as many requests as
    possible. If you are interested in having a member of our organization
    participate in your event, you must fill out the below request form at least 4-6
    weeks prior to the scheduled event. Once your request has been reviewed, you
    will be contacted by a Community Development representative and learn the status
    of your request.

  • Ticket Request Form
  • Player Appearance Request Form
  • Atlanta Hawks Dance Team Appearance Request Form (PDF format)
  • Atlanta Hawks Mascot Appearance Request Form (PDF format)