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Tyronn Lue Chat Transcript

Tyronn Lue
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Tyronn Lue has been a real find for the Hawks since coming over from the Rockets in a mid-season trade for Jon Barry. Providing stability at the point guard position and a scoring punch from the perimeter, the diminutive guard has become the Hawks go-to scorer in late games situations over the last half of the season.

Averaging 13.0 points per game since coming over to the team, he has also been a tremendous table-setter of late, averaging 8.0 assists over his last five games including a career-best 14 against Charlotte on Monday.

Lue, in his seventh season in the NBA after being drafted out of Nebraska with the 23rd pick in 1998, stopped by to chat with Hawks fans as the season comes to a close. If you missed it, here is the transcript.

Christine (Alberta): Hey Tyronn, just wanted to know what has been your best moment this season, and best highlight?

Tyronn Lue: I guess my best highlight, would be the Knicks game last night, where we scored 139 points and we beat New York in overtime. I also tied my career-high with 32 points.

DeRon(Dallas): Are you ever going to wear your hair out in a game?

Tyronn Lue: Ha-ha (Laughing) I'm gonna try not too. If my braids don't work out one night, I may have to, but I'd rather not!

Jessica, Atlanta: Tyronn, describe how you felt at the end of the game last night? Was that the best game you've ever had in the NBA?

Tyronn Lue: I felt great after the game. Just because, we'd been losing and it was great that we kept playing hard and we played the game the way it was supposed to be played. That was great. And scoring a career-high and then hitting a big three-pointer and making a big steal in New York, at Madison Square Garden, that is a great accomplishment. It was great to get that win.

ben, atl: Ty - can you give me a few words on the two joshs...describe their skills and what they are like personally. thanks

Tyronn Lue: Josh Smith is more of a funny guy, he's 19-years-old and a bigtime joker. On the court, he has good instincts and he is a great passer and great shotblocker. He's very athletic and he's come a long way this year. Josh Childress is more mature, he went to college. He works hard every day and as skinny as he is, he is a great rebounder..especially as an offensive rebounder. He's found his way in the league and playing very well. They're both good players and good guys.

will (atl): Is Nebraska going to do anything in football this year?

Tyronn Lue: Ha-ha (Laughing) I sure hope so, since we've been losing I been getting lots of phone calls from people, asking about Nebraska, so I hope they can turn it around and get back on the winning track this season.

Mimi L.A.: What city do you like the most out of the 5 cities you have played for?

Tyronn Lue: Los Angeles.

Barberino (FLA): Who is the toughest point to guard in the league?

Tyronn Lue: Allen Iverson.

Mark (Tuscaloosa): Tyronn, what do you foresee for yourself in the future? You want to stay with the Hawks? Thanks.

Tyronn Lue: Yes, I would love to stay with the Hawks.

Brad, Columbia SC: Tyronn, did you guys read Kevin Willis' fashion profile in USAToday? And who is the best dresser on the team!?

Tyronn Lue: The best dresser on our team is Kevin Willis. He better be the best dresser, he has his own clothing line!

Ben, NYC: Tyronn, any playoff predictions for us? Do you think Cleveland can hold on for the final spot in the East? And who do you see winning it all?

Tyronn Lue: I don't think Cleveland is gonna make it. It's gonna be between Detroit and San Antonio for the championship, but I can't say which one will win.

JYD (Macon): Describe playing for Mike Woodson?

Tyronn Lue: It's been great. Even though we've had a tough season, he keeps us thinking about what we need to do to win. We're learning alot from him and he has confidence in us.

Aaron (NJ): Do you consider yourself a score first point, or pass first point?

Tyronn Lue: Um...in college I was a score-first point, but here in the NBA I had to adjust and I'm more a pass first point who can score when he needs to.

LT (Kansas City): We love you in KC...do you ever make it back home?

Tyronn Lue: Oh, every summer I come back home. I have a house out there, and in about 10 days I'll be back in Kansas City for the offseason like I always do.

joe, st. louis: any plans for post NBA?

Tyronn Lue: I have some businesses I have going right now. I also have some property down in Orlando, Florida.

Tyronn Lue: I want to say thanks to everyone who follows me and supports me. Keep with me in the future and we'll have more good times to come. Thanks again.