New Jersey has become home for Vinsanity.
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You walk into work or school and your buddy asks you if you saw it. It was incredible. Something you've never seen in a game.

Vinsanity did it again, but you slept late and didn't catch the highlights in the morning. You check out the message boards. There are ten threads about it. You make your way to to check it out.

Everyone was right. Simply amazing. He approached the basket calmly. It looked like he might just pull up for a floater. Then he took off...

Vince Carter's ability to astound and surprise is unparalleled in today's game. Whether it be a 360 spin-and-scoop, a brutal facial on a seven-footer or a jumper from several feet beyond the arc to beat the shot clock. He has been doing it since he won that slam dunk contest in high-school and he hasn't stopped since.

Oh yeah, you thought Vinsanity was done last year. But then he was traded to New Jersey and it started all over. The 360 at Staples was just one highlight of many as he averaged 27.5 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game after the trade, helping carry the Nets into the playoffs.

"I just enjoy playing and having a good time. Of course, people love to see the dunks and I'm just crazy enough to try the things they want to see."

Half-Man, Half-Amazing.

Vince Carter is our HANNspree Innovative Player of the Month for December.

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All-Star games bring out the best in Carter.
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Still soaring.
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