2017/18 Power Packs
22-Game Packs On Sale

GRI22 Nation, Let’s Make History.

It’s time Memphis. Be there for every towel-waving moment and guarantee your seats to see LeBron James and the World-Champion Cavaliers and Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and the Warriors, plus guarantee your Playoff ticket priority. Choose from two 22-game plans, the Z-Bo Pack and the Big Spain Pack, starting at $14 per game.

Z-Bo Pack

MonOct. 3Orlando Magic
WedOct. 6Atlanta Hawks
WedOct. 26Minnesota Timberwolves (Opening Night)
WedNov. 2New Orleans Pelicans
FriNov. 4LA Clippers
TueNov. 8Denver Nuggets
MonNov. 28Charlotte Hornets
TueDec. 6Philadelphia 76ers
ThuDec. 8Portland Trail Blazers
SatDec. 10Golden State Warriors
WedDec. 14Cleveland Cavaliers
SunDec. 18Utah Jazz
FriDec. 23Houston Rockets
SunJan. 15Chicago Bulls MLK Jr. Game
FriJan. 20Sacramento Kings
MonFeb. 6San Antonio Spurs
TueFeb. 28Phoenix Suns
MonMar. 6Brooklyn Nets
SatMar. 11Atlanta Hawks
FriMar. 31Dallas Mavericks
WedApr. 5Oklahoma City Thunder
SunApr. 9Detroit Pistons

Big Spain Pack

TueOct. 11Philadelphia 76ers
SunOct. 30Washington Wizards
SunNov. 6Portland Trail Blazers
SatNov. 19Minnesota Timberwolves
FriNov. 25Miami Heat
ThuDec. 1Orlando Magic
SatDec. 3LA Lakers
FriDec. 16Sacramento Kings
TueDec. 20Boston Celtics
ThuDec. 29Oklahoma City Thunder
SunJan. 8Utah Jazz
SatJan. 21Houston Rockets
WedJan. 25Toronto Raptors
WedFeb. 8Phoenix Suns
FriFeb. 10Golden State Warriors
WedFeb. 15New Orleans Pelicans
ThuMar. 9LA Clippers
MonMar. 13Milwaukee Bucks
SatMar. 18San Antonio Spurs
WedMar. 29Indiana Pacers
FriApr. 7New York Knicks
WedApr. 12Dallas Mavericks

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