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Allen and Randolph host Valentine's Day party

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with Tony Allen and Zach Randolph? According to 14 single mothers from the Memphis Family Shelter, the answer is nothing. Thanks to hosts Allen and Randolph, these women spent Monday evening in luxury at the Westin, as volunteers from The Nail and Skin Bar pampered them with manicures and pedicures.

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While these mothers indulged in chocolate-covered strawberries and sparkling juice, their children were in the next room for a Valentine’s Day party. Allen and Randolph, along with Randolph’s six-year-old daughter MacKenley, provided cupcakes and popcorn for the kids and helped them create Valentine’s Day cards for their mothers.

“I was writing some little rhymes on the cards to give to the moms. I think it’s going to be great considering the fact that they’re going on a Valentine’s Day card,” Allen joked about having a “part-time gig” of being a poet off the court.

As the night was focused on having fun and giving these moms a much-needed break from everyday life, it was also something that hit close to home with one of the players. Watching the women enjoy these festivities reminded Zach Randolph of his own childhood and mother. He said, “It feels good. I come from a single-parent home. My mother was on welfare. I had two sisters and one brother, and didn’t have a lot. Just being through this type of situation, I understand. I’ve been blessed. God has blessed me in so many ways, so it’s just something that I’m supposed to do.”

When asked about the planning of the event, Teresa Dickerson, Grizzlies Director of Community Investment, confirmed that it was actually Allen’s idea that initiated the affair. Allen told media that it was something he had done while he was with the Boston Celtics, and he wanted to establish it as an annual event in Memphis.

After these children were already having the time of their lives, they were surprised to learn that Allen and Randolph had also provided them each with a $50 gift card to Toys ‘R Us. In the end, the kids had a great time laughing and joking with the players, and Allen and Randolph had just as much fun knowing they were making a difference to these underprivileged families. Tony summed up the night when he stated, “It was fun. Most importantly, we all enjoyed the day. To put a smile on somebody’s face is always a great thing. I’m doing it from the heart, and what better way than to come back into the community.”