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Grizzlies tip-off Healthy Home Court Breakfast Breaks

The students of Mitchell High School were in for a treat when the Grizzlies took over their cafeteria for a Healthy Home Court Breakfast Breaks assembly in September. To start off the 2012-2013 season, team mascot Grizz, Grizz Girls and Grizzlies Strength and Conditioning Coach Kelly Lambert served special Grizzlies-branded breakfast meals containing cereal, juice, graham crackers and milk from one of the many breakfast carts donated by the team.

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The students learned how to make their own breakfast smoothie demonstrated by staff members of the Memphis City Schools Central Nutrition Center and they received a few fitness points from Coach Lambert.

To end the event, the students also learned a fun way to get their hearts pumping in the mornings by dancing along with Beyonce’s Let’s Move! music video.