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Western Conference Finals
Game 4 Final: Grizzlies 86, Spurs 93
Series Final: 0-3 Spurs
May 28, 2013

Western Conference Finals Game 4 at FedExForum.
Kevin Cox/NBAE/Getty Images

Key Stat of the Night

Key Run of the Night

Player Notes

Facing elimination, the Grizzlies made a strong push in the second half but were unable to extend the series, falling 93-86 to the Spurs in Game 4 of the West Finals on Monday. Quincy Pondexter scored 22 points off the bench. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph added 14 and 13 points, respectively. 


Game Notes

  • The Grizzlies fell to the Spurs in four games in the Western Conference Finals… It is the second sweep of the 2013 Playoffs for the Spurs (4-0, First Round against the Los Angeles Lakers).
  • This marks the fifth Western Conference title for the Spurs, with the four other times coinciding with the franchise’s four NBA Championships.
  • The Spurs are now 11-1 in closeout games since the 2007 Playoffs.
  • Memphis was outscored by 20 points in the paint (52-32) and shot just .372 in the painted area (16-of-43 FG).
  • Tonight ends Memphis’ most successful season in franchise history, finishing the season with a 56-26 (.683) record and setting franchise records for overall wins, overall winning percentage, home wins (32), road wins (24), road winning percentage (.585), wins in a single postseason (eight) and total games in a single postseason (15).
  • San Antonio were 39-of-76 from the floor (.513) while limiting Memphis to just 32-of-86 (.372).
  • It is the first sweep in a conference finals since 2003 when the Nets swept the Pistons.
  • With 18,119 fans in attendance, Memphis recorded its 17th consecutive postseason sellout.

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Postgame Quotes

Coach Hollins

Every time it seemed like you got close, Parker made a play and then there was really nothing y'all to do to stop it.

"He was outstanding the whole series, and he controlled the series with his penetration.  He made shots, made plays.  One game he has 18 assists, today he has 37 points.  He was huge.  But their team played well.  You've got to give them credit.  They played well from the very first game.  They came out, they had a game plan, they stuck to it through the whole series.  They didn't let us up for air at all.  We had a couple of chances in the two overtime games.  We had a chance tonight, but they earned the win.  They deserved to move on and I wish them the best because Pop did a great job and their team did a great job."

"I'm proud of our team and the way we battled and fought every game, including tonight.  We could have just gave up when they got up on us, but we kept battling and gave ourselves a chance, which is what we've done all year."

There at the end trying to get the play there with Conley, was that the shot you wanted at the end of regulation?

"No.  I mean, I tried to get him to get into the basket, but Marc was open back at the free throw line but he had already committed to the shot, and they crowded the paint, and it was a tough shot."

Quincy stepped up big tonight, 22 points, 7-of-11 from the field.  How impressed were you with the play of Quincy tonight?

"I mean, I was impressed with our whole team.  He made buckets tonight and tried to make plays.  I'm impressed with our whole team with the effort that they gave."

How difficult was it throughout the series to deal with their defense on Zach?

"Well, it was their defense not only on Zach but on Marc, on our pick‑and‑roll game.  They did an outstanding job of taking Mike away from the lane, didn't allow him into the lane.  They forced him into some turnovers by playing big on him and he couldn't make the passes that he normally makes.  But they did a nice job.  Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan did a great job of sealing off Zach and their other people came down and crashed and blocked shots and they also helped on the offensive glass for the most part, and we just never could gain control of the paint.  They controlled the paint."

Marc Gasol

Frustrating, you were able to get within three there but just never could get past three.  What were the Spurs doing that just kept you from being able to make that last close?

"A little bit of everything.  They were getting stops, and they were executing very well offensively, making some tough shots, ran when they had to, stopped, played with a lot of patience offensively, and defensively blocked the paint.  They're a good team."

Getting this far for the first time ever, what can you take out of this series as you kind of look forward, because we've seen teams through the years, they get a step at a time, so what do you take out of the series as you look forward?

"I think tomorrow will be a better day than it is right now.  Right now it's too early.  It's too recent.  We just wanted to win tonight and be able to play another game, and we were not able to pull it off.  We played, we hustled, and we just didn't have enough.  We just didn't have enough to go over the hump and win for ourselves and for our people.  It was real hard.          

I know the ownership is committed to having both of you for the long-term.  How much input do you expect to have and how much do you want to have in terms of how they put the pieces around you guys going into next season because obviously there's going to be a lot of question marks?

"I think it's too early now to talk about that.  I think it's way too early.  I think tomorrow is going to be, like I said, a different day.  Right now I think the game just as soon as I close my eyes tonight, the game is going to start all over again, I have no doubt about that.  It happened before, and it will for sure tonight. I think it's too early to talk about anything else but the game."

Mike Conley

Mike, all year long you guys have been known for your defense, defense, defense, but whatever you did Tony Parker always had an answer for you.  Can you talk about what you could have probably done different or was there just nothing to stop him?

"He was in a zone.  They play so well together that any adjustment we'd make, they'd make another one.  We'd play them well for about 18 seconds on the shot clock and then he'd make a play.  You know, that's why he's one of the best and they're headed to The Finals."

Mike, do you see from afar what Tony Parker has evolved into?  Coach Popovich talked about he was once just a scorer and now he's a true point guard.  Do you see yourself evolving into a similar type of role?

"Well, I do.  I feel like we have similar games. Tony, we're kind of started hitting his stride around the same time, his sixth year, fifth year in, and I'm following that same path, and I feel like one day I'll be able to do the same things he's doing."

Mike, when you first got to Memphis, the Grizzlies had a small core of fans that over the years has grown.  Talk about the love that's reciprocal between you and how thecity has treated you the past few years.

"The city has been great.  They've had to endure the good and the bad and stuck with us.  They're loyal, they've been there for us, and I'm proud of them for being there and helping push us through, supporting us when we weren't good, and now that we're making strides in the right direction, they're still there, they're still supporting.  That means the world to all of us, and it's tough on us to let them down, like tonight.  So we'll be back."

Tony Allen

On the season:

"I think this was a great year for us. We learned a lot. We fought hard. Nobody expected us to get to the Western Conference Finals. We set the bar high for next year. We want to come back and fight for it. The San Antonio Spurs showed they were a veteran ball club. They showed that they were champions. They came into Memphis and beat us fair and square. It was a tough game. You have to give credit to Coach Popovich. He is a great coach and they are a well coached group.."

On playing for Memphis:

"I bleed blue. This is where I want to be. It’s all in God’s hands. At this point I can’t see myself in a different jersey. When I got here, Chris Wallace showed me a vision, he stuck to his plan, and great things happened. I want to thank him for getting my career off the ground. Looking back, each year we got better. It would be rough for me to go somewhere else. It was a great season and I love all of my teammates."


Quincy Pondexter

Obviously it's a very disappointing ending, but going farther than you ever have, is there anything that you guys learned from this experience, seeing a team that's been there so many times?

"I just think we learned that winning isn't easy, and winning championships is one of the hardest things you can possibly do.  I think our guys really dug deep to get as far as we did, and San Antonio is a tremendous team, and we're going to take a couple pages out of their book and move on, and hopefully we do a lot better next year."

You had 18 of your 22 in the second half.  Tough to have one of your best nights in the league on a night where you get swept out?

"Man, I've said this before, and I'm honest to God with this, I would give away all my points for a win.  That's how I was raised.  That's how I've been all my life.  I don't care if I had a good game, I really don't.  I just hurt that our team isn't advancing and I can't play any more games with these guys this year.."

What was kind of the mood in the huddle, the frustration level as you'd get it to three, get it close, and then they seemed to always have the little push to get it back to six, seven, eight.

"Man, they were hitting so many tough shots at moments where we needed to make a push, and it seemed like they had an answer for every run that we were making.  Like I said, they're a championship team.  They've been there before.  They have great, great veterans, Hall of Famers on their roster, and they're a great team.  I wish the best for them going forward."

Thank You, Grizz Nation

On behalf of the entire Grizzlies’ organization, players and coaching staff, we’d like to thank you and all of Grizz Nation for your loyalty and support this season. Read full message from the team.