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Western Conference Finals
Game 3 Final: Grizzlies 93, Spurs 104
May 25, 2013

Western Conference Finals Game 3 at FedExForum.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

Key Stat of the Night

Key Run of the Night

Player Notes

Mike Conley's 20 points, Marc Gasol's and Zach Randolph's double-doubles couldn't keep the Grizzlies from falling 104-93 to the Spurs in overtime Saturday. Gasol had 16 points and 15 rebounds, Randolph 14 points and 15 boards. Photos.


Game Notes

  • San Antonio won a second consecutive overtime contest to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals… Teams that have led 3-0 in a seven-game series have never lost (107-0).
  • San Antonio handed Memphis its first loss at home this postseason (5-1 at FedExForum)… The Grizzlies have now lost at home just twice in the last three months, going 19-2 at FedExForum since a win over Golden State on Feb. 8.
  • San Antonio had 17 turnovers, including eight in the first quarter… The Spurs entered the game averaging 11.3 turnovers per game throughout the playoffs, ranked second in the league in the postseason behind only the Grizzlies (10.6 turnovers per game).
  • With 18,119 fans in attendance, Memphis recorded its 16th consecutive postseason sellout.

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Postgame Quotes

Coach Hollins

Defensively how would you assess the game?

"It was pretty good.  We came out with great energy, we got steals, we were running.  We just couldn't sustain.  We subbed, and tried to get some rest and we didn't get production out of some of the people on the bench and then we couldn't rev it back up when we got back to our starters."

There at the end trying to get the play there with Conley, was that the shot you wanted at the end of regulation?

"No.  I mean, I tried to get him to get into the basket, but Marc was open back at the free throw line but he had already committed to the shot, and they crowded the paint, and it was a tough shot."

How do you move forward knowing that no team has ever come back from a 3 0 deficit in the NBA Playoffs?

"Just like you would in any game.  You just go play, and you've got to go compete and let's see what happens.  We've been up, and we've got to win the fourth game.  I believe our guys will come out and battle.  San Antonio has played extremely well.  They earned the win tonight.  We fought and did a lot of good things, but in the end we didn't do enough good things.  They hurt us when they went small, just played pick-and-roll.  They actually hurt us in the pick-and-roll all night.  They've done a good job of taking away our strength and going inside to Zach, and we haven't made enough shots yet."

Strange game, you guys shoot more three pointers than they do but their big three really, really good tonight. Is it at all surprising that Manu is able to come in and get the rebounds that he does, take them away from some of the bigger guys?

"Well, he's coming from the outside and he's 6'6" and he jumps over people's backs.  He's a very athletic kid.  Our wings do the same thing.  We come back and jump over-- they've got a little momentum.  Shooting more threes, you've got to make threes.  We made 7-for-20, but free throw line, 10-for-18 killed us.  We got beat on the boards.  We had 19 offensive rebounds, but we only got 21 second‑chance points.  We're not efficient with what effort we're getting, and that's where we have to be better is just be more efficient.  We can't gamble defensively.  We can't turn the ball over at crucial times offensively.  I thought we didn't close the quarter.  We came out of time‑out and they had two straight back doors by Ginobili.  Those were huge.  They hurt us."

Mike Conley

The shot there at the end of regulation, was that exactly what you wanted?  Coach mentioned that you might have been wanting Gasol, but what happened there in trying to set that shot up?

"We just drew up a play to try to get into the paint, let me make a play.  I think I got a little bit too deep so I had to take the shot.  But it was a good drawn up play, just didn't execute it as well as we thought."

Where is kind of the frustration level knowing how close you are to being up 2 1 and realizing you're down 3 0?

"Yeah, it is frustrating, but it gives us hope at the same time, knowing that we can fight our way back, and we have had chances to win each one of these games, and this was a tough one to swallow. But it's a good learning lesson, and there's no group of guys I'd rather be with down 3 0 to try to fight back in it."

Marc Gasol

On the starters playing in the last half:

"We’ve been learning for the past few games. We’re doing our thing. We came to play. It’s terrible, but you just have to keep playing. Mentally, we have to keep playing. They play basketball, too. We’ll make adjustments and turn it around real quick. We couldn’t contain the pick-and-roll. They spread the floor. The big was running by himself every time…It’s painful to watch."

On moving forward Monday:

"All five guys have to guard the pick-and-roll. We’re going to have to communicate more, like we always do."

Tony Allen

On the Grizzlies:

“It’s hard to explain. It’s an awful situation that we’re in. We have to claw our way back into this series. We’re still in the mindset of taking it one game at a time. We still have one more game at home. We showed a better effort from start to finish, for four quarters. We have to have some carry over going into the next game just like this, minus the overtime.”

“We won’t give up. We don’t have our heads down. We still have confidence. We’re still looking forward to coming in with a high intensity and great focus.”

On the loss:

"We won’t give up. We don’t have our heads down. We still have confidence. We’re still looking forward to coming in with a high intensity and great focus."

On the Spurs' pick and roll:

"It’s going to take effort on our part. We watch film every day. We just have to have our antennas up. When Tony Parker is coming off the roll, he’s picking us apart. He’s finding open guys. He’s attacking the basket. He’s getting to the free throw line. It all starts with him."

Quincy Pondexter

On the Spurs:

"They gave their best effort and did a good job of executing. They’re a good team."

On the Grizzlies:

"We’re taking it one day, one game at a time. We’ll down right now, but we’ll come back and see what we can do Monday."

On the pick and roll:

"They’re a good defensive team. Their pick-and-roll was strong tonight. We need to beat them with our outside shooting. They’ve got good strategy. They can get in the paint. We’ve got two dominant bigs down there, Marc (Gasol) and Zach (Randolph)."