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Round 1, Game 7
Final: Grizzlies 72, Clippers 82 - May 13, 2012

Key Stat of the Night

The Clippers’ defense held the Grizzlies to 25-of-77 (32.5 percent) shooting in the game, including 0-of-13 from long range. It was the only game in the series in which Memphis failed to convert at least 40 percent of its shot attempts.

Los Angeles’ bench scored 41 points in the game, including 25 of the Clippers’ 27 fourth quarter points.

Key Run of the Night

• Memphis led 56-55 heading into the fourth quarter, but Los Angeles seized control of the game with an 11-2 run to start the final period. A tip-in by Kenyon Martin at the 8:41 mark finished the run and gave the Clippers a 66-58 advantage.

Player Notes

In a tight and physical Game 7, the Grizzlies were unable to keep pace down the stretch of an 82-72 home loss to the Clippers in Game 7 on Sunday. Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol both scored 19 points. Zach Randolph had a game-high 12 rebounds.

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They said...

Coach Hollins

On Clippers' seeming to get the 50/50 balls:

“They made 27 points in the fourth; we made 16. It was a tight ball game. Neither team was shooting extremely well. They just found a way. They spurred it on us, and we could never get back and close the gap. We had a chance when we got the steal and the fastbreak and missed the layup. We were down six with a minute and half to go. We make that layup, and we are down four and I think we have a chance. But, we didn't do it. We lost. 32 percent. 0-for-13 on threes. 71 percent from the free throw line. There are not a whole lot of games you can win that way shooting that poorly in all areas and not really dominating in another area. We didn't win the rebound battle. You have to give the Clippers a lot of credit. I'm sure people were thinking back here after losing two games that the series was going to be our series to win. I kept telling our players, 'You have to go play. We can't think that we can come back here and play a different way than how we played the last two games.' We did get back into the walking it up court and not running and trying to pound the ball into the paint instead of moving the ball and playing side to side. Those are the things that cost us in the end. And, then our lack of defensive discipline when we were behind. We kept having a breakdown of one or two guys, and they kept scoring or they'd get a rebound or loose ball.”

On the slow start:

“It was Game 7 pressure and jitters. We wanted to do well. We just wanted to let it rip. You walk up there and have two stirs on you in the ninth inning and you have to let it rip. And we didn't.”

On the role of fatigue in the game:

“A lot. We had some guys that were dragging. I was trying to give brief rest to those guys. I was trying to buy a little time here, a little time there. Mike was not only tired, but he was also in pain. He went to the basket two or three times and went the floor. I was trying to buy him some time as well. Unfortunately, no one on the bench stepped up and helped us.”

On the Clippers physicality:

“I thought we played grit and grid like we always play. We banged; we won the points like we usually do. They are a physical team. We are a physical team. End of story.”

Tony Allen

On the loss:

“What jumps out to me the most is their starting line-up. I thought we did a good job on those guys. I thought that their bench guys came off and were very effective. They stepped up. We forced Chris Paul to shoot 7-of-17, which was a good thing. Blake Griffin, 3-of-11; Caron Butler, 3-of-12. You’ve got the Eric Bledsoe’s of the world and the Kenyon Martin’s and the Mo Williams’ and Nick Young’s coming in having huge impact. They just played harder than us. And obviously, in a 48-minute game, they wanted it more than we did because they obviously beat us in the rebounding area. They just outworked us. I think that was pretty much the game.”

On being forced to take perimeter shots:

“We’ve been shooting those shots all year. We were up one going into the fourth (quarter), and I think they made a 10-0 run I believe to start the fourth quarter. They stretched the game out with their bench because I don’t think they had the lead when their starters were in. But their bench came in and played a huge role and you’ve got to take your hat off to them. They were the better team in 48 minutes.”

On the Clippers making shots down the stretch being the difference in the game:

“I believe so. Those guys had a major impact. The stat sheet doesn’t lie man. Kenyon Martin came in and got 10 rebounds and 11 points. We had our opportunity. They just fought harder at the end of the day. But it’s a learning experience for us. Obviously, losing Game 1 crept up and hurt us. I think we take good things from this (postseason): playoff experience for Rudy (Gay), Zach’s sacrifice coming back from injury, Marc (Gasol) played an All-Star season. But now we know what we are supposed to be. We are officially now a playoff team, and we have to work on closing games. We have a new model now. It’s just taking it one quarter at a time going into next year, and I think as long as we stay together and continue to build over the summer I think the sky is the limit for the Memphis Grizzlies. I believe we can match-up with almost anyone in the league. So you have to take your hats off to the Clippers, but the Grizzlies are definitely going to have this taste on our tongue for the summer to come back next year.”

Zach Randolph

On the loss:

“It was a tough game tonight. You look at all the stats and we’re right there even. They just made plays in the fourth quarter. There were certain stops we couldn’t get toward the end of the fourth quarter. We’ve got to get the ball in the post and get the ball to the big’s down low and try to drive it. We settled for too many jump shots. We didn’t play like we did the last two games. But you have to take your hats off to them because they played good. Chris (Paul) had a good game, and their bench played terrific.”

On the Clippers making clutch shots:

“They made baskets toward the end. We couldn’t hit big shots toward the end, shots that we couldn’t hit.”

On the Clippers bench:

“Their bench played good tonight, and our bench didn’t play good tonight. (Kenyon Martin) K-Mart had a good game and (Eric) Bledsoe did. They’ve got shooters that come off the bench and make shots.”

On whether the team was nervous:

“I think we were. I think we came out real emotional. Trying to be too perfect, not just play and let the game flow. It came back and haunted us at the end. They played good tonight, especially in the fourth quarter. They hit big shots and we turned the ball over at certain parts of the game which was crucial.”

Rudy Gay

On Game 1:

“Well obviously when you are up like we were up on them, we shouldn’t have lost that game and it was a different series from there. Game 1 was really the difference maker of the series. That’s what we needed.”

On the first quarter:

“It’s been a very physically series. Neither team shot well. It can be a lot of different reasons. It was still a competitive game at that point. We still were in the game; it’s not like we were down. We just didn’t start with that surge that we usually do. We played them six times before. You have to expect this game is going to be a little slower.”

On the fourth quarter:

“They hit shots in a hurry. They made plays off of our turnovers. They were just competitive, something we weren’t doing at that time.”

On the Clippers’ bench:

“Their bench played very well. (Eric) Bledsoe came in and played well. Mo Williams played well. Nick Young came in and made shots. It was 41-11, so it’s obvious.”

On the Clippers’ fourth quarter play:

“Nothing that I can put my finger on. It was pretty up and down and back and forward until they made that run and hit those shots, that’s how. You know a little surge can come in and change the game.”

On losing the series:

“It’s very frustrating. Everyone was excited to be on a team that was built on last year. I think we did for the most part. It’s the playoffs, you have to take advantage of the opportunities, and that first game we were up 27 at one point. We should have converted that game. This series would have been totally different if we would have won that game.”

On the series:

“Just basically being in the playoff atmosphere and each possession counts is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my career.”