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Final: Grizzlies 91, Timberwolves 84 - April 17, 2012

Rudy Gay (28 points, nine rebounds) scored nine of the Grizzlies' final 11 points as they rallied past the Timberwolves 91-84 on the road Tuesday night. Mike Conley and Zach Randolph recorded 16 points apiece and Marreese Speights added 12 points in just 14 minutes off the bench in the win.

Highlight of the Night

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They said...

Coach Hollins

On the game

“It was a tough win; we fought, we scratched, we clawed, grinded it out and got the win. It wasn't pretty, we scored 14 points in the fourth quarter, 13 points, whatever it was. They scored 28 points in the second half after having 56. We just gutted it out, that's the best thing to say. I thought, Rudy did an excellent job of getting us big time buckets. Zach came in and gave us big minutes offensively and then he made a huge, hustle play diving on the floor and then we had 2 or 3 stops down the stretch that allowed us to force them to foul us and we get out of here with a big win.”

On settling for too many jump shots late in the game

“Well, we weren't making any. I don't know if we were settling, we had a lot of good looking jump-penetrate, ball, we floated one in transition, we missed, penetrate, throw it out to a shot. We just weren't making any, we were dead on our feet in the fourth quarter and we even had lay-ups we didn't make. You can complain about what we did, or didn't do, because we just didn't make shots.”

On what kind of team this is to gut out the win

“Well they've got goals, they've got character. They compete, they're competitors and they're trying to get somewhere and they know it's a long process, even though it's a shortened season, they know it has been long and we've come up on it the last three weeks. We've had 16 games in 23 days, we've had 7(games) in 9 (days), we're at 6 (games) in 8 (days) right now and it's tough, you've got to be mentally tough and you've got to do whatever you can. We did whatever we could tonight and got the win.”

O.J. Mayo

On the game

“We can't look at the teams record, we can't look at if they're in the playoffs or not, we've got to go out and play. This time of year, teams who can't make the playoffs are looking to still get better for next year and we've got to focus up and be a mature team and handle business.”

On how important it is to try and catch the Clippers

“I mean, I guess as a competitor you do think about the Clippers. But, at the end of the day, we're thinking about the Memphis Grizzlies and how we can improve each and every game that we step out there. As far as executing-wise on the defensive and offensive end and just try and get better. Either way we go, we take care of business, they take care of business, we'll meet up in the first round.”

Mike Conley

On the game

“We got stops, I think we're finally starting to get up on the shooters a little bit and make them take tough shots and keep guys out of the paint. Once we started to keep Barea out of the paint and turning him over a little bit and making the guys take tough shots and we got out in transition to make plays.”

On Rudy Gay's play as of lately

“He's playing really well. I think that he's playing some of the best basketball of his career. Not necessarily scoring, but making plays for everybody else and that's the most important thing and he's improving. That's tough to say because that's a guy that has everything in the bag, but he's actually improving and getting better.”

Zach Randolph

On playing with a sense of urgency in the fourth quarter

“Oh we definitely did, we definitely did. Especially against the energy of this team, they play hard and Barea had a great game. But this was a good team win for us, guys stepped it up, Rudy had a great game, Mike did, everybody contributed. It was a team win.”

On getting the win

“It was a game like this that we needed. Especially, getting beat the other night. So, it was one of them good games -- came out, played hard, good game the whole game, we just pulled out the win.”