KFC Finger Lickin' Good Deal

Gametime: Grizzlies vs. Jazz - Apr. 14, 2012


Final Score: Grizzlies 103, Jazz 98 - April 14, 2012

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Key Stat of the Night

The Grizzlies outscored the Jazz 33-22 in the final quarter, led by O.J. Mayo’s 17 points… Mayo tallied the most points by a Grizzlies player in a single quarter this season.

Key Run of the Night

After Derrick Favors’ two free throws pulled the Jazz within one point (95-94) with 1:04 remaining in the game, O.J. Mayo knocked down his fourth and final three-pointer and Zach Randolph made two free throws to build the lead back up to five (99-94) with 27.8 left on the clock… Memphis made four more free throws down the stretch to hold off Utah.

Player Notes

Rudy Gay tallied 26 points and 12 rebounds as the Grizzlies beat the Jazz 103-98 at home Saturday. O.J. Mayo scored 20 points off the bench while Mike Conley and Marc Gasol added 17 apiece for the Grizzlies, who outscored the Jazz 33-22 in the fourth quarter to complete the rally.

Highlight of the Night

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They said...

Coach Hollins

On the game

“Defensively in the third quarter we got them out on the perimeter and they missed some shots. We took Al (Jefferson) out of the game a little bit in the second half, which was huge. We got on him and we really came down on him. They threw the ball out a few times and didn’t make shots, so that was big for us.
O.J. (Mayo) had 17 points in the fourth quarter and Rudy (Gay) had 18 points in the second half. They were huge in bringing us back. I decided to go with Zach (Randolph) in the second half. He had been playing and I just wanted to keep him playing. Dante (Cunningham) came in at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and he did a really nice job with his quickness and his activity which helped us get off to a much better start. We were able to play the pick and rolls better, and our athleticism really combined which led us to come back and led us to a win. Rudy (Gay) had great defensive plays down the stretch and big blocked shots and then the three which really iced it on the pick-and-roll. On the back side, they didn’t know whether to pick up Marc (Gasol) or Rudy (Gay).”

On Rudy Gay

“He is really maturing and embracing his ability, I think that is the best way to put it. He has the ability to do a lot of things. He had 26 points and 12 rebounds, and he moves the ball well. That is the stuff we need from him. He is our most athletic guy. We need him to be consistent. I tell him all the time the points will come because you are physically gifted, but the rest of the stuff is that you are also physically gifted but you have to put your mind into doing that and that is exactly what he has been doing.”

On O.J. Mayo

“I knew he was hot so we continued to give him the ball. On the last play Marc (Gasol) was either going to get a layup or O.J. was going to get the three.”

On strategy

“Everything I do is by feel. We will start the same lineup tomorrow night, and if I feel like we need to make a change, I will make a change when the call is right. Like I tell the coaches all the time, nothing we do is etched in stone; we go out there with a game plan, but I am always looking to find out whether or not we need to make an adjustment and sometimes it is sooner than later.”

Rudy Gay

On the game

“We got stops, that’s what it is. We picked it up at the end of the fourth quarter and made shots. We limited them to the tough shots. They went really big, mostly at the three. When that happens, you have to be even more aggressive and try to attack them and try to go at them more.”

On O.J. Mayo

“When he shoots like that, it opens it up for the rest of the team. We have to keep him going.”

On the Grizzlies’ motivation

“Obviously, it makes it more of a playoff atmosphere when teams are playing for something – basically for seeding or to get into the playoffs when they play like that. All the games are like that this week.”

On playing teams that aren’t playoff teams

“Those teams are dangerous. They play free. They play like they’re trying to prove something, especially at the end of the year when guys are shutting down for playoffs. They want to pile up the wins. We have to play like we’re going to win every game.”

O.J. Mayo

On the fourth quarter

“We got to the free-throw line and I found a rhythm. Defensively, we found a way to get the ball out of Al (Jefferson)’s hands. They are second in the league in points-in-the-paint. We just had to get it out of his hands and rotate.”

On his play tonight

“I got some open shots and knocked them down. Sometimes you make them, sometimes you miss them. Tonight, I made them. Coach (Lionel Hollins) diagramed some good plays for the pick-and-roll. Guys set good screens and set me up in order to make shots. It was good. I’m just trying to make plays. In the first half, when I got in the paint I was looking to pass. I probably passed up two shots getting into the paint. Fourth quarter, I was like, ‘I have to keep driving and keep shooting.’ It opened it up for us a little bit.”

On the Grizzlies’ upcoming schedule

“They are playoff teams. There is a lot of motivation. We just want to continue getting better. It used to be that we just wanted to get into the playoffs. Now, we want to win a championship. We just want to continue to get better, finish with the way we’re playing, play hard and get healthy and take it into the playoffs.”

Marc Gasol

On the game

“I think in the fourth quarter we outscored them 33-22. We got stops. We executed on offense. They (the Jazz) play with three bigs, pretty much. (Gordon) Hayward is pretty much another three. That’s what they do. They are tight in the paint. They did a good job.”

On the Grizzlies’ motivation

“It’s that time of year where everybody is trying to fight for something or working towards next season. We’re trying to fight for something. If you look at the standings, you’re going to get motivated, enough said. We are playing for something and we have to wait no matter what. We have to play well. Some nights we may make shots, some nights we might not, but we have to still play our game.”

On playing the New Orleans Hornets tomorrow night

“It’s going to be a tough game. They beat Utah last night and they know how to play. They play with a lot of heart. You have to come out ready.”