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Final: Grizzlies 94 Clippers 85 - April 9, 2012

Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

Key Stat of the Night

Memphis executed offensively, shooting .500 from the field (37-of-74 FG)… It marked the first time the Grizzlies have shot .500 or better since March 25 at LA Lakers (.512) and the first time at home since Feb. 18 at Golden State (.507).

Key Run of the Night

After Eric Bledsoe scored the first two points of the quarter, cutting Memphis’ lead to nine (71-62), the Grizzlies answered with a 10-2 run to expand the lead to 17 points (81-64), the team’s biggest lead of the game, with 7:01 remaining in the game.

Player Notes

Marc Gasol led six Grizzlies in double-figures with 18 points as Memphis defeated the L.A. Clippers 94-85 at home Monday night. Rudy Gay finished with 16 points and Zach Randolph came off the bench to record a double-double (10 points, 12 rebounds) as Memphis won for the sixth time in seven games.

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Coach Hollins

On the physicality of the game:

“That was our theme going in. We didn’t want them to run free and get a bunch of lobs, just be physical and aggressive with them and I thought we accomplished that. Our defense was good. They didn’t have more than 25 (fast-break) points. We held them to 85 points, and they can score. We did a good job in the first half and most of the third quarter containing their pick-and-roll offense. They didn’t get what they wanted. Then, we out-rebounded them. In the second half, we just kind of stopped running and kind of just started walking the ball up-court and got careless with the ball. That was probably the only negative I saw, the 20 turnovers and that we gave up 29 points (off of turnovers). But the rest of the game was really outstanding. We played well. I said that it wasn’t a game where you just jump out and run all over the team, we just played well and had control of the game. I knew that they weren’t going anywhere. They’re a very good basketball team, and Chris Paul is one heck of a competitor. He just kept willing them to get back in the game, and we were fortunate to get a win.”

On double-teaming Blake Griffin

“I didn’t know we doubled him, but we wanted to get down when he was trying to drive and make him pass the ball back out, which is how we normally play the post players. We did a decent job on him as well. He had 19 points, but you take away three or four lay-ups that he just got in transition because we threw the ball away, and we did a nice job overall with him. But the strategy wasn’t to just double-team him.”

On the team’s health:

“I’m comfortable. I don’t know if any team ever has everybody healthy. Everybody that’s played has played well. Quincy (Pondexter) stepped in the last few games and established that he is somebody that should be in the game. He did a nice job defensively on everybody that he guarded, including Chris Paul at the end.”

“He’s guarded and he’s rebounded, and he’s just done some nice things. Who says this isn’t the starting five for the playoffs? We don’t know. Every group that you put out there, they have to work together and they have to learn how to work together pretty quickly. It’s like when we do practice; it’s not like they’re foreign to each other. There’s one group that works by itself and the other group works by itself. They’re always blending in and mixing, so I think it’s a very resilient group and a very competitive group. They figure out what they’re supposed to do.”

Marc Gasol

On the game

“I think we did a great job of closing the lane. They shoot the ball very well every game, and I think we did a good job of running them off the line.”

On limiting Blake Griffin to three free throws

“We did a good job on him. Our gameplan was to go after the paint and then take away the shooters. It’s not easy, because it takes a lot of work. He’s a good player.”

On committing 18 turnovers

“It depends on what kind of turnovers. I think they scored 29 points (off turnovers), which are way too many in order to win. Sometimes that happens. The thing with stats is it doesn’t always show the real stuff.”

On the playoffs

“Right now, we’re trying to get there. It’s not going to be easy. We’ve got 10 games left, and every game matters a lot. We played a pretty good game, and we’re going to do that next game against Phoenix. They play small-ball and try to keep us away from the paint. We haven’t come out the way we should have in both games against them. It’s time to get them now in our place.”

Rudy Gay

On the game

“If you think about it, with the kind of makeup they have, that’s how they score, that’s how they play, and that’s how they play free. Being the defensive team that we are, we limited them.”

“We punched first. We limited them. They had a couple spurts where they made a couple baskets. For the most part, give credit to Quincy (Pondexter). Also, Mo (Marreese Speights) and Z-Bo (Zach Randolph) playing against Blake (Griffin) and making sure he didn’t have any easy looks. That’s what he does. He throws his body in there and tries to get fouled. We played good defense.”

“This is a statement game. We know we can beat them. We knew that the first two games but just didn’t play well.”

On the bench

“We’re playing well. We play free and have the bench, and the capability that the bench has gives the starters a chance to sit out. You’re going to have a lot of fresh players.”

Mike Conley

On the game

“We played very physical, and that’s the kind of basketball we need to play in order to beat a team like them. It was a playoff atmosphere. We knew we had to step up our defensive intensity, and we did a good job all game long of limiting their three-point shots, especially Blake (Griffin) and the big guys.”

On the Grizzlies

“It’s turned into a playoff mentality. Guys are coming in and watching a lot of film, paying attention to more details and just playing really unselfish. The more you get into the season, the more you start figuring out we’ve got to move the ball, we’ve got to play more unselfish defense and don’t care who gets the credit. That’s the way we’ve been playing.”