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Final score: Grizzlies 84, Spurs 89- February 6, 2012

Marc Gasol had 22 points with nine boards and Mike Conley added 19 points with eight assists, but the Grizzlies fell at home to the Spurs 89-84 on Monday night. Rudy Gay scored 18 points with eight rebounds in the loss.

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Coach Hollins

On the second half:

“We made some shots and got some stops. Then in the fourth quarter, we just couldn’t make a shot anymore. They (Spurs) were hurting us in the pick-and-roll and just kept getting what they needed. It was a close game. We just couldn’t get the stop and when we got the ball, we just couldn’t finish on the offensive end.”

On the number of minutes played:

“I’m not disappointed with the effort. I have to do a better job of managing the minutes and trying to have confidence in some of the perimeter people to do their job so that we cut down the minutes of our guys a little bit. Especially in the first part of the game, so that they will have a little more in their tank at the end of the game.”

On the end of the game:

“I said that if we could get a quick two to take it, but we were going to look for a three. If Rudy(Gay) had been standing still, he might have had better luck, but he went in and went right back out to the three point line. With a lack of practice, we don’t get an opportunity to work on it. I always thought we were very good at the end of the game and also in time outs. We used to spend a lot of time in practice. I can’t remember the last time we practiced. It’s just another one of those things we have to deal with as the season goes forward.”

Rudy Gay

On the end of the game

“It was tough. A couple of guys were fatigued from playing a lot of heavy minutes. It was one of those games that slipped away from us.”

On the season:

“It is a tough season. It just happens for us that we are down a couple of men. We are not asking for any sympathy. We just have to pick it up and find a way.”

On playing a lot of minutes:

“We want to win. We want to play. When guys are out there we want to play. It’s not like we don’t want to play. Everybody wants to play more. We wish we had another quarter right now. I think we would win. Its jut one of those things you have got to deal with.”

Mike Conley

On the game

“We have to get more disciplined in the second half of games. We can’t have that lack of execution and turn the ball over. We were allowing the team to transition to easy buckets. In the fourth quarter, we just couldn’t get stops when they counted.”

On being fatigued:

“I think everyone is going through the same thing. Everybody has to play a lot and everybody is tired. Everybody has injuries and everybody has to find a way to push through. We are no exception. We have got to find a way to push through. I think anybody playing a lot of minutes in this short season is tired. We have got to try to find breaks within the game, and I think Coach is doing a good job. He is starting to trust guys and give guys more minutes. I think it is getting better.”

On being home:

“To come back home and sleep in your own bed and hang out in Memphis allows you to regroup yourself a little bit, get grinding a little bit, get back to work, and get practicing in your own gym. Hopefully, we can get to a comfort level and start playing better.”

Marc Gasol

On the game

“We fought. We got back into the game. We had a slow start in the third quarter, but we fought back. We played with a lot of energy, and we helped each other. We shared the ball. We came up a little short, but the effort is there. At the end of the day, that is all we can ask for. We have got to get better at executing and making plays, but the effort is definitely there.”

On this home stretch:

“It is really important. We have been looking forward to it. We miss home. We miss our fans. We are trying to put on a show for our fans and make them proud of us.”

On the next game against the Minnesota Timberwolves:

“They know how to play. We are going to have to attack them.”