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2008-09 Fan Advisory Board

The Grizzlies Fan Advisory Board represents a cross-section of our fan base, from seven year season ticket holders to single game ticket buyers.

The team received over 400 applications, which is a testament to the passion and support our fans have to building a winning franchise both on the court and in the community. The advisory board will be selected on an annual basis and we encourage you to apply in future years.

The board’s duties include providing feedback and new ideas to help develop the best Grizzlies game experience. Meeting formats will target topics with visible issues, challenges, and successes, along with open discussion on topics which affect the board and all fans in general.

Although we have chosen this board to represent fans, we do not want to discourage individuals from contacting us with suggestions & feedback.

Also, fans wishing to speak with the fan advisory board members can do so by utilizing the Fan Advisory Board forum located on the Grizzlies Message Boards.

2008-09 Fan Advisory Board Members:

(listed in alphabetical order)

  • Charles Harbour
  • Diane Brown
  • Julie Hill
  • Ester Patrick
  • Eugene Jones
  • Pat Brown
  • Glenn Hailey
  • Bob Hester
  • Steven Wishnia
  • Audrey Gonzalez
  • Richard Williams
  • Nicole Roy
  • William Bufford
  • Sonia Dilorio
  • Lawson Albritton
  • Richard Eiseman
  • Laura Griffin
  • Jeff Spotts
  • Sam Duklewski
  • Michelle Campbell
  • Leslie Swords
  • Timothy Francis
  • Valerie Hofmann
  • Jeremy Townsend
  • Bradford Caldwell
  • Kevin Boyar
  • Lee Cummings
  • Casey Hill
  • Scott Ledford
  • Robert Maddux
  • Libby Tabb
  • Michael Rodenas
  • Jimmy Henson
  • Kendel Loveless
  • Andy Glover
  • Phil Hamilton
  • Sandra Hamer
  • Angela Webb