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Battier QA

How does it feel to be back in Memphis?
Wow…great, the return to the game tomorrow will be special and emotional. It was emotional coming out here today and seeing the familiar faces. I have unfinished business here, when I left that was something I felt. I hope to be able to bring Playoff wins here and give that to the people and this city.

What are you looking forward to the most about returning?
I always remembered the people here, Memphis is a basketball town. I’m a normal guy and Memphis is full of good normal people.

You were really involved in the community when you were here previously, are you looking to pick that up. ? Are there any particular organizations that you’re hoping to become involved in again?
Yes, there are so many like St. Jude. I’m not sure how much time the rest of the season will give me, but I would love to be involved.

What role do you hope to play in the teams post season run?
I hope to keep the ship afloat until Rudy comes back, stretch the floor and make teams pay for doubling Zach and Marc.