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Grizz Biz - MVP Business Alliance

The Grizz Biz MVP Business Alliance showcases offers from Grizzlies MVP Season Ticket Holders to fellow Season Ticket Holders. Grizzlies Business Alliance provides an avenue for Grizzlies MVPs to list your business on throughout the 2013-14 season*.

View the Grizz Biz: Business Alliance Directory

As a member of the Grizzlies Business Alliance, you’ll have the opportunity to include a business listing and extend a discount offer to other MVPs, as well as support your fellow Season Ticket Holders.

Submit your listing

To submit your listing and/or offer, please fill out the form below. Note: If you are not a current Grizzlies Season Ticket Holder, your listing will not be approved.

* Please note that all listings in the Grizz Biz program are subject to final approval by the Memphis Grizzlies. Offers listed are provided by MVPs for MVPs. While we will make our best efforts to honor your request, we are unable to include any business listing that directly conflicts with any Memphis Grizzlies sponsor agreement which includes exclusivity in specific business categories. All offers must be valid while appearing on the directory. Please note that only Grizzlies Season Ticket Holders may submit offers in this program.