KFC Finger Lickin' Good Deal

Congressman Steve Cohen pays a visit to Grizzlies Prep

A few months ago, the scholars of the Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School were learning about renewable energy in their science classes and got the idea they should write to Congressman Steve Cohen about legislation and clean energy.  However, the scholars weren’t expecting a response or answer from Cohen.

But after Congressman Cohen read their inspiring and inquisitive letters, Cohen decided that it was only right to respond by visiting Grizzlies Prep to personally answer their questions about clean energy.

On Monday, December 3, Cohen paid a visit to Grizzlies Prep and spoke to the scholars in the cafeteria where he discussed his job as a Congressman and answered questions from the scholars ranging from renewable energy to the importance of education.

“Grizzlies Prep has a lot of really interesting, young students who are interested in energy and the environment, and I wanted to talk to them about those issues,” said Congressman Cohen.  “I also wanted to talk to them about making good grades, the Hope Lottery Scholarship and the opportunity they have in Tennessee if they make good grades to go to a Tennessee college and have a scholarship to help them pay their way through. They wrote me all kinds of letters. They were very good letters about solar, wind and recycling, saving the environment, showing a lot of intelligence and a lot of concern.”

Cohen discussed his views to the scholars about using more solar and wind to make energy and how there is a stronger need to be more efficient in the way sources of energy are used. Cohen also talked about his mentors, his path to becoming a Congressman and how the core six values of Grizzlies Prep (grit, excellence, integrity, courage, commitment, and responsibility) has had an influence on his life.

“Cohen was very good to us,” said sixth-grader Kenneth Warren. “He told us how to achieve our goals better. I was excited [about Cohen’s visit] because at other schools you wouldn’t be able to meet people like Congressman Cohen. It was just a big experience for me.”

Grizzlies Prep is a public school governed by the Memphis City Schools/Shelby County Unified School District and is the only school in the nation sponsored by an NBA team. The school opened its doors in July to promote academic achievement and interpersonal development for its young scholars.

For more information about the Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School, please visit grizzliesprep.org.