All Heart No Fees

It’s time Memphis... Join the Grizz, Claw Crew and Grizz Girls for the Grizzlies Bud Light Watch Parties. Grab your buds and cheer on the Grizzlies. Enjoy prizes, games and experience every towel-waving moment of memphis hoops history.

Upcoming Watch Parties

Friday, Dec. 18 at 7:30PM

Grizzlies vs. Mavericks
Local Midtown (2126 Madison Ave)

Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 8:30PM

Grizzlies vs. Thunder
Double J's (124 E GE Patterson Ave)

Monday, Mar. 14 at 7:00PM

Grizzlies vs. Rockets
Young Avenue Deli (2119 Young Ave)

Friday, Apr. 8 at 7:30PM

Grizzlies vs. Mavericks
Lafayette's (2119 Madison Ave)

Note: All locations, dates, and Grizz Girl appearances are subject to change.

Stay tuned for more Watch Parties