Rudy Gay Chat Transcript: Feb. 27, 2007

Moderator: Welcome to today's live chat with Rudy Gay. Rudy will be with us shortly, so get ready to ask him your question, or submit it now.

Moderator: Alright everyone, Rudy is here. Let's go!

Q: Hey Rudy, you seem to have almost doubled your point production over the last month. What has changed for you? Is it just more confidence?

Rudy Gay: It's that, plus being more comfortable out there. It's just experience and learning how to play with these guys.

Q: T.Vasser: What do you do for fun around town? TK

Rudy Gay: We go bowling sometimes, hang out with each other's houses. Me, Hakim, Kyle, most of the guys.

Q: In Las Vegas, were you able to talk to any of the all-stars or NBA legends and get any advice that will help you advance in your career and get on that all-star level?

Rudy Gay: We had a couple UConn people there like Caron Butler, and he told me to keep doing what I'm doing.

Q: What do you think your chances are of winning Rookie of the Year?

Rudy Gay: I think there's a chance but I'm just trying to play harder and finish the season on a good note, no matter what.

Q: What's the camaraderie on the team like?

Rudy Gay: We're all good friends. We hang out, talk, go places together, I think it's pretty good.

Q: The Grizzlies are a very young team, did that make the transition easier having guys who were close to your age in the locker room?

Rudy Gay: Definitely, it's a big learning experience. When everyone is learning with you it makes it a lot easier.

Q: You have played SG, SF and PF this season for the Grizzlies. What position would you like to concentrate on playing for your career?

Rudy Gay: I'd say small forward. That's my natural position I think.

Q: Rudy, what has been your favorite dunk of the year?

Rudy Gay: I'm not sure. I don't know, I don't even remember half of them. I'm just trying to get the ball in the basket to be honest with you.

Q: How do you stay motivated when the team is suffering through a tough year like this?

Rudy Gay: I'm just trying to make the team better for this year and next year, and I'm staying behind my teammates no matter what.

Q: Hey Rudy, what has been the hardest part about being a rookie, and how do you hope to improve yourself for next year?

Rudy Gay: I'm just staying strong and am getting more familiar with the game. That will help throughout my career.

Q: What music are you listening to presently?

Rudy Gay: I listen to rap and R&B, Lil' Wayne. I played my Jay-Z CDs 'til they burned, so I can't play them anymore.

Q: What's it like when Grizzlies fans start chanting "Ru-dy! Ru-dy!"?

Rudy Gay: It's usually when I'm trying to do something like getting a possession or something, so I'm trying to focus on the game. It's a good feeling to have people backing you, but I try to stay focused when I'm on the court.

Q: T.Vasser: What was your reaction when you were chosen for the Rookie Challenge? TK

Rudy Gay: I was happy, and after that I wanted to have a good showing for my team and organization, and for myself.

Q: P.Hartzog: Hi Rudy, So why did you pick the number 22 as your jersey number? Seattle,Wa. Pam H.

Rudy Gay: It was 21 for the longest time, but I went to college and a teammate already had 21, so I just decided to go up a number to 22.

Q: hey rudy! my question is what are your plans for this off-season and if you end up working on parts of your game, which part do you think you might put a little more focus into? glad youre a griz! david sparks

Rudy Gay: Just ball-handling and learning how to get my shot off better. Those will be my goals this summer.

Q: Did you change anything in your three-point shooting recently that has led to your improved percentage of late?

Rudy Gay: No, I just basically worked with coach Anderson. He told me to slow down. He knew I could shoot, he just wanted me to slow down and make it easier on myself.

Q: How did fall in love with the game of basketball?

Rudy Gay: It was my family. They played it so I just started to play when I was young.

Q: T.Vasser: I love the Socks! What size shoe do you wear? TK

Rudy Gay: I wear a size 15. As for the socks, I've always done it. I don't know why, I don't feel comfortable wearing short socks.

Q: M.Baks: What's been the biggest lifestyle adjustment you've had to make since playing in the NBA?

Rudy Gay: Just managing free time. Getting rest, stuff like that. You get a lot of free time so you have to learn how to use it.

Q: Hi Rudy, I love your game! Wondering what is the best and worst part of being an NBA player? See you at Fri. game against Phil. KWK

Rudy Gay: The best part of playing professionally is you're getting to do something you love. The worst part is the travel.

Q: What is your favorite BBQ place to eat at in Memphis?

Rudy Gay: I don't know the name of it, but it's on Beale Street. It's Blues City actually, that's what it is.

Q: P.Hartzog: who is your all time favorite basketball player?

Rudy Gay: Michael Jordan. He always came through in the clutch.

Q: T.Vasser: do you use myspace to keep in touch with your fans? If so what's your page address?

Rudy Gay: I do. I don't do it, my friend does it for me, but I check it occasionally and see what's going on with my fans.

Q: Rudy, I didn't know a lot about you before your first game as a Grizzly and ever since then I've been a fan. My question is, how does it feel to play with former All-Star Pau Gasol and hot shooting Mike Miller?

Rudy Gay: It makes it a lot easier for me to play with those guys.

Q: P.Hartzog: hey Rudy, so what do you look forward to during the summer, during your off time?

Rudy Gay: I'm going to hang out with my family. They're still in Baltimore, so I haven't seen them much.

Q: s.raney: Have you developed any rivalries with other players in the league?

Rudy Gay: I wouldn't say I have any rivals. I have a couple of friends I talk trash with, most of the guys in my draft. I'm friends with Chris Paul and all the UConn boys. Charlie Villanueva's the best trash talker out of those guys.

Rudy Gay: I have to take off, but thanks everyone for all the great questions. I hope to do it again soon.

Moderator: Thanks, Rudy, for joining us today.