Grizzlies Mobile Text Alerts

Sign up to receive text alerts from the Memphis Grizzlies or FedExForum.

Depending upon the type of alerts you choose to receive, you will receive no more than six (6) messages per week from the Memphis Grizzlies and three (3) messages per week from FedExForum.

For more information, please see our F.A.Q. below

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  1. What are Mobile alerts? Mobile alerts are text messages you receive on your mobile phone or PDA. We currently offer the following alerts: Grizzlies Game Info (reminders and game recap)
    Grizzlies News (key stories)
    Grizzlies Promotions (promotional offers from the Memphis Grizzlies and their partners)
    FedExForum Event Alerts (concert and event announcements and special offers)
  2. Do I have to register on the website to receive mobile alerts? No. Signing up for mobile alerts does not require registration on the website.
  3. How many alerts will I get? You should receive no more than 6 alerts per week per keyword subscription. Depending on which alert you sign up for, you may receive fewer alerts per week. Upon signing up for each of our alerts, you will receive a confirmation text message that explains how many texts you should expect to receive on that topic per day/week. You can stop receiving alerts at any time by texting STOP to xxx. You may receive subsequent messages clarifying or confirming your opt-out request. For help, text HELP to xxxx.
  4. Do alerts cost me anything? We do not charge you for our alerts. However, your carrier may charge you to send and receive text messages. Contact your carrier for more details: Message and data rates may apply.
  5. If I sign up for one alert, do I get them all? No, you must sign up for each alert individually.
  6.  How do I stop the alerts? To stop receiving alerts, you may either reply STOP (QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, END or TERMINATE) to a message you receive, or the following:
    To end Game Info alerts, text STOP GAME to xxxx
    To end Breaking News alerts, text STOP GNEWS to xxx
    To end FedExForum Event Alerts, text STOP FEDEXFORUM to xxxx

    You may receive subsequent messages clarifying or confirming your opt-out request.
  7.  Which carriers is this program available on?  T-Mobile, AT&T Verizon Wireless (includes Alltel) , Sprint/Nextel/Boost, US Cellular, Metro PCS Cricket, Virgin Mobile

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