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Healthy Home Court presented by Kellogg's

Healthy Home Court presented by Kellogg's

Healthy Home Court aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging families in the Mid-South to make healthy food choices and exercise regularly together as a family. Join the movement and get started now!

Outdoor Challenge
Create your shot list, grab a friend or family member and get outside to complete this challenge:
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NBA Mascot Challenge

Print and grab a pencil: Play the Mascot Challenge
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Online Fun and Games

NBA Hoop Troop

Join the NBA Hoop Troop
NBA Hoop Troop is a kid-friendly, parent approved immersive virtual world where kids 6-12 can have fun, be challenged, and be creative. Inspired by the game of basketball - and everything that makes it great – NBA Hoop Troop is also a place for kids to learn about fitness, dedication, teamwork, and self-confidence. Check it out!

Free Throw Showdown
Step up your offensive game:
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Match-Up Rewind
Perfect the art of the pop-a-shot:
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