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1112 Taylor


  • Team Status: 2nd year
  • Hometown: Lakeland, TN
  • Occupation: I am studying to be a Radiology Technician
  • Favorite Movie: Elf. It never gets old and I laugh every time.
  • Food you can’t live without: Eggs, peanut butter, and sushi!
  • Favorite thing about Memphis: The downtown area. It has soul, character, and some really good food.
  • Role Model: My grandmother, Lilo. She has had the most interesting life. She is 86 years old and still kicking it.
  • Best thing about being a Grizz Girl : Besides having the best seat in the house, I get to do what I love and have fun with the fans.
  • Dance Icon: Beyonce and Janet Jackson because those ladies have some seriously fierce moves.
  • 3 Words to Describe Me: Energetic, determined, and loveable