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Educator of the Month presented by Ashley Furniture HomeStore

The Grizzlies and Ashley Furniture HomeStore have teamed up to show support for teachers in the Mid-South through the Educator of the Month Recognition Program. Each month during the season, the team recognizes outstanding leaders in education at a home game as nominated by our school-aged Grizzlies fans.

All grade levels, Kindergarten through 12th Grade, are eligible to participate. Parents, please encourage your children to nominate their favorite teacher.

How to Nominate a Teacher

It's easy! Help your child recognize their teacher by filling out a Nomination Form and then write a one-page or less essay explaining how their teacher inspires them to succeed. Nominations must be for the teacher whose class they are currently enrolled; nominations for former teachers are not accepted. Nominations will be accepted until March 31 of the current season, with one essay each month from October through April selected as the winner. Print and download this (.pdf) entry form.

Each month a winning teacher and student will be featured on, receive two tickets to a Grizzlies game where they will be recognized, and the teacher will receive a $500 gift card from Ashley Furniture HomeStore while the student will receive a Grizzlies prize pack.

Nominations should be sent to: Memphis Grizzlies
Attention: Educator of the Month
191 Beale St.
Memphis, TN 38103
Fax: 901.205.1444

We applaud the exceptional educators in the area and know that they are the foundation of educational excellence. Print and download this (.pdf) entry form.

March 2011

Bina Young
6th grade Science, St. George's Middle School
Nominated by: Essence Davis

“There are no insignificant questions in Mrs. Young’s class.” Born and raised in Pakistan, my 6th grade Science teacher, Mrs. Young, inspires her students to succeed not only educationally but also socially. Mrs. Bina Hussain Young, in 2010, became a United States citizen. During science class, I attempt to imagine all the obstacles in which she faced to get where she is today. She is an inspiration to all who are fortunate to get to know her. Organized, meticulous, and encouraging, yes, these are some of the many wonderful characteristics of Mrs. Young. With Mrs. Young, class is always a learning experience. Since she is Pakistanian, not only do I learn about interesting science topics, but if I’m lucky, I even learn a little Urdu. Mrs. Young always greets her students with a smile and truly shows that she cares. Mrs. Young discovered that teaching was her passion a while back when she was monitoring a class of high school students. Not only did this open her eyes to the life of a typical student, but in doing this, she discovered techniques that worked in running a class and those that did not. With experience comes knowledge. Not only is Mrs. Young a teacher, but she is also a wife and mother. To me, there is no better knowledge than that of a mother. While showing concern, patience, and confidence, she manages to keep everything together. And for this reason, I’d like to recognize Mrs. Bina Hussain Young as Educator of the Month.

Feb 2011

Ms. Rachel Sanders
4th grade, Austin Peay Elementary
Nominated by: Grace Ann Stewart

The reason I think my teacher should win this award is: This year I was sick and hospitalized with pneumonia and she sent flowers to the hospital. When I came back to school she stayed late and caught me up with my work. Another reason I think my teacher should win this award is because she makes reading fun, enjoyable, and she makes it come to life. Mrs. Rachel uses technology with just about every subject there is. My favorite way she uses technology is by showing movies about social studies. My teacher is one in a million. She loves her students very much and encourages us to dream big. We have a special kid in our class and she’s as patient with him. I have dreams to be a teacher one day because of her example. These are some of the reasons why I think Mrs. Rachel Sanders should win this award.

Nov 2010

Ms. Ashley Brasfield
Rivercrest Elementary
Nominated by: Paige Gray

I was a little afraid not knowing what to expect at the beginning of the school year. You have made my school year very pleasant and exciting. You always keep a smile and teach us the right things. Through your teaching, I know success is in the future. Rivercrest is very fortunate to have you as a teacher. Thank you for being there for me. You will always be remembered.

Oct 2010

Ms. Sundra Dolberry
John. P. Freeman Optional School, 3rd Grade
Nominated by: Trinity McIntosh

My teacher inspires me to succed by doing what I’m told, follow all the rules, do my work every day and get A’s and B’s. Also Ms. Dolberry inspires me to follow rules in the hall way and stay out of trouble in every support class. Ms. Dolberry wants to see in conduct E’s or S’s. Someime our work is hard and we say the word can’t but, Ms. Dolberry said “there is no such thing as can’t.” Ms. Dolberry teaches us about stes, matter, spelling, reading and lots of other things. We read lots of books in the class room. Ms. Dolberry gave us a reading log so all the books we read we put on the reading log. We do experiments in science. My teacher expects us to do the things that’s right all the time.

Educator of the Month Games:

Newly selected educators will be honored during one of these upcoming games:

  • Mar 9
  • Apr 8

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