Education Programs: Reading and Learning Centers

Grizzlies Reading and Learning Centers are designed to help encourage youth to read by creating an environment that fosters communication and stimulates the imagination, while providing access to books and technology that can help increase reading levels. The Grizzlies support Reading and Learning Centers in various schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations throughout the Mid-South. Six new centers were opened during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons. These centers serve as study locations for children and young adults, as well as areas for Grizzlies All-Star Reading Team members to host Reading Time Outs.

Three Reading and Learning Centers have already opened at the Central Benjamin L. Hooks Library, Porter Downtown Boys and Girls Club, and A. B. Hill Elementary Library. Be on the look out for a Grizzlies Reading and Learning Center to be opened in a neighborhood near you!

The six new Reading and Learning Centers were opened at:

  • A.B. Hill Elementary School
  • Central Benjamin L. Hooks Library
  • Goodwill Boys & Girls Club
  • Ira Samelson Jr. Boys & Girls Club
  • Norris Elementary School
  • Downtown Porter Boys & Girls Club