Memphis Grizzlies
191 Beale Street
Memphis, TN, 38103
Main: 901.205.1234
Sales: 901.888.HOOP (4667)
Toll-Free: 1.866.648.4668
Basketball Media Relations: 901.205.1606 or 901.205.1607
Business Media Relations: 901.205.1409

Memphis Basketball, LLC

Phone: 901.205.1234

Name Position
Robert Pera Chairman and Controlling Owner
Steve Kaplan Co-Executive Chairman
Daniel E. Straus Vice Chairman

Basketball Operations

Phone: 901.205.1234
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Name Position
Chris Wallace General Manager, Basketball Operations
Ed Stefanski Executive Vice President, Player Personnel
John Hollinger Vice President, Basketball Operations
David Joerger Head Coach
Jeff Bzdelik Assistant Coach
Shawn Respert Assistant Coach
Bob Thornton Assistant Coach
Duane Ticknor Assistant Coach
Elston Turner Assistant Coach
Jason March Assistant Coach/Advance Scout
John Townsend Director, Player Development
Adam Mazarei Player Development Assistant
Mark Sanford Player Development Assistant
Drew Graham Head Athletic Trainer/Vice President of Player Care
Chattin Hill Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sheldon Miller Assistant, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jim Scholler Assistant Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning
John Faltus Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
Trevor Moawad Mental Endurance Coach
Charles Sweeney Equipment Manager/Travel Coordinator
Erik Guyton Team Services
Brandon Hederson Player Services
Chantal Hassard Director, Team Operations
David Mincberg Director of Scouting
Davide Prati International Scout
Daniel Marcus Basketball Operations Analyst
Julie Dawson Executive Assistant, Basketball Operations
Glynn Cyprien Basketball Operations, Assistant/Scout
Marcus Jones Basketball Operations, Intern
Kevin Yeiser Basketball Information Assistant
Vince Ford Team Facilities Manager
Paul Robinson Assistant, Team Operations
Barry Loggins Director, Team Security
Dan Hartfield Video Coordinator
Collin Schneider Assistant Video Coordinator

Business Operations

Phone: 901.205.1234
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Name Position

Business Operations

Phone: 901.205.1234
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Jason Wexler President of Business Operations
Matthew Thiry Special Assistant to the President, Strategy & Analytics
Kenneth Cox Senior Financial Analyst
Stephanie Minix Coordinator, Business Operations
Chris Pongrass Coordinator, Business and Legal Affairs

Arena Operations

Phone: 901.205.1234
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Eric Granger Vice President, Arena Operations


Phone: 901.205.1522
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Jeff Olson Director, Event Booking


Jose Gonzales Building Painter
Nicholas Parker Building Maintenance Technician

Event Operations

Phone: 901.205.1521
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Peter Pugh Director, Facility Operations
Megan George Manager, Events
Brandon Fiedler Arena Production Manager
Nate Johnson Operations Manager
Diana Caglianone Event Coordinator
Jonathan More Event, Intern
Willie Fisher Supervisor, Conversion
Scotty Swanger Supervisor, Conversion
Maurio Batts Coordinator, Conversion
Torey Smith Coordinator, Conversion
Renèe Sparks Supervisor, Central Services
Ben Newsham Clerk, Central Services
Keith Armstrong Electrician
Cedric Rodgers Electrician

Guest Relations

Phone: 901.205.1535
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Mike Sullivan Manager, Event Services
Paula Richmond Sr. Manager, Staff Services
David Rodriguez Coordinator, Event Services

Information Technology

Phone: 901.205.1313
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Darrell DeRosia Senior Director, Information Technology
Johnathan Yancey IT Services Coordinator, Information Technology
James Johnson Information Technology Assistant

Community Investment

Phone: 901.205.1252
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Tim Jordan, II Sr. Coordinator, NBA Player Initiatives, Memphis Grizzlies Community Investments
Mason Massey Coordinator, Education Initiatives, Memphis Grizzlies Community Investments
Casey Holiday Intern, Community Investment
Michael Vinson Intern, Community Investment


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Diane Terrell Executive Director, Grizzlies Foundation & Community Investment
Dairanetta Spain Senior Coordinator, Communications & Community Engagement
Desiree Robertson Manager, Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance
Joel Katz Manager, TEAM UP Youth Sports Partnership
Tiffani Morrow Coordinator, Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program
Russell Born Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program Representative
Breyanna Hampton Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program Representative
Nico Hardaway Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program Representative
Destiny Whitmore Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program Representative


Phone: 901.205.1266
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Scott Zachry Director of Grizzlies Broadcast Productions
Brett Smith Director, Broadcast Operations
Pat Stage Director, Broadcast Marketing & Original Programming
Nick Modisett Senior Videographer & Editor
Kim Johnson Coordinator, Broadcast
Pete Pranica Television Play by Play Broadcaster
Eric Hasseltine Radio Play by Play Broadcaster
Ian Owen Media Archive Coordinator

Corporate Partnerships

Phone: 901.205.1234
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Anthony L. Macri Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Lamont Nelson Senior Manager, Development Corporate Partnerships
Ben Gunning Senior Manager, Development Corporate Partnerships
Kenny Keblaitis Manager, Development Corporate Partnerships
Justin Boddie Senior Coordinator, Activation Corporate Partnerships
Mya Donald Coordinator, Activation Corporate Partnerships
Justin Pipes Coordinator, Activation Corporate Partnerships
Nicole Pentecost Specialist, Activation Corporate Partnerships
James Connolly Business Analyst, Corporate Partnerships

Event Presentation

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Jason Potter Director, Promotions and Event Presentation
Carly Knight Senior Manager, Promotions
Tamara Moore Dance Team Choreographer
Joey Thorsen Coordinator, Event Presentation
Terran Gary Entertainment Coordinator
Eric McMahon Mascot Coordinator
Brittney Frazier Intern, Event Presentation


Phone: 901.205.1419
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Keith Hegger Vice President, Finance
Barbara Gray Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting
Tim Freese Senior Accountant
Durelle Bonds Payroll Manager
Camille Donaldson Revenues Accountant
Chaka Turner Staff Accountant
Kim Newsom Accounting Coordinator

Sales And Service

Phone: 901.888.HOOP (4667)
Toll Free: 1.866.648.4667
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Dennis O'Connor Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
Gregg Crone Senior Director, Premium Services
Paige Perkins Director, Premium Sales
Mike Brown Senior Manager, Ticket Sales
David Ridenhour Manager, Group Sales
Makinzie Foos Manager, Inside Sales
David Harmon Sr. Manager, Premium Sales
Monica King Manager, Client Services
Hateisha Williamson Manager, Premium Services
Carl Rosen Senior Account Executive, Client Services
Melissa Carlson Account Executive, Client Services
Preston Dennis Account Executive, Client Services
Clifford Jernigan Account Executive, Client Services
Rickie Means Account Executive, Client Services
Jason Cockerham Account Executive, Group Sales
Tommy Fridy Account Executive, Group Sales
Jonathan Jones Account Executive, Group Sales
Sam Pritikin Account Executive, Group Sales
Paris Perrett Account Executive, Group Sales
Joseph Fitzpatrick Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Mark Greer Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Peggy Rounds Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Brendan Trelease Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Kyle Krebs Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Max Alpert Inside Sales Consultant
Matthew Ellias Inside Sales Consultant
Mohamed Fofana Inside Sales Consultant
Alexander Heston Inside Sales Consultant
Ashley Hill Inside Sales Consultant
Amy Walther Inside Sales Consultant
Jerry Leech Inside Sales Consultant

Ticket Operations

Phone: 901.205.2640
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Garth Webster Vice President, Ticket Operations
Anita Biles Manager, Ticket Operations
Michael Rose Manager, Ticket Operations
Devin Maddox Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations
Lisa Smith Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Marketing & Communications

Phone: 901.205.1483
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John Pugliese Vice President, Marketing, Broadcast and Communications
Lesley Torrell Senior Director, Digital & Database Marketing
Cynthia Hazell Director, FedExForum and Media Marketing
David Thompson Director, Creative Services
Jason Wallace Director, Communications and Publications
Kristopher Peggs Manager, Multimedia Production
Bryan Rumfola Graphic Designer
Roy Wells Web Developer/Designer
Matt Wills Analyst, Database Marketing & CRM
Spencer Soo Social Media Coordinator
Ross Wooden Senior Coordinator, Communications & Publications
Kerri Harper Coordinator, Communications & Publications
Gabrielle Leon Intern, Communication & Publications
Kevin Negron Intern, Communication & Publications
Cayla Cook Intern, Marketing

Human Resources

Phone: 901.205.1605
Arnetria Knowles Senior Director, Human Resources
Kim Brunt-Stephens Manager, Human Resources
Lakendra Jeffries Receptionist

Levy Restaurant

Main: 901.205.1850
Perrin Harper General Manager, Premium Services
Ken Gaber Director, Operations
Maureen Higgins Senior Suites, Manager
Jamie West Senior Clubs, Manager
Bobby Zapf Regional Purchasing Manager
Michael Bruzdowski Purchasing Manager
Joe Freitas ADO
Tanya Varner Manager, Accounting
Kimberly Carson Senior Human Resources
Marlin Slanina Senior Conessions Manager


Michael Stanley Executive Chef
Bruce Taylor Senior Sous Chef
Arthur Wishropp Sous Chef


Josh Smallie General Manager, Concessions
Marin Slanina Senior Concessions Manager

Opus Restaurant


FedExForum Lounge


Suite Ordering




Grizzlies Den

Phone: 901.205.1551
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FedExForum Event Hotline