By Lauren Brill

The Global Top 10 is your weekly guide to NBA global news. In this week's edition find out which former D-Leaguer is finding success on the grand stage, who scored their season-high and who made Vince Carter stumble.

Captain Canada Leads Phoenix

Captain Canada, Steve Nash, had a stellar performance in his native country. A catalyst on the offensive end, Nash guided the Suns to their season-high 136 points in their 136-123 victory over the Raptors. The five-time All-Star found open men and created solid opportunities as he finished with a season-high 18 dimes going along with his 10 points. With 17 assists Tuesday night against the Pacers, Mr. MVP became the first player since 2002 to amass 35 dimes in back-to-back nights. Nash explained to the Arizona Republic, "I want to try to get these guys as many shots as I can and feeling confident about themselves and feeling good. If I don't have to shoot, I have no problem not shooting," Nash said. "I'm happy to distribute and find my teammates and get their confidence going and try to find that natural rhythm of our team."