By Lauren Brill

The Global Top 10 is your weekly guide to NBA global news. In this week's edition find out who helped their team make it to the NBA Finals, who bouced back after a less than par performance and who is blogging from Israel.

Gasol and Lakers Best in West

Scoring isn't always the key to having a great game. In Game 5 of the Conference Finals between Los Angeles and San Antonio, Pau Gasol nailed 5-of-15 of his shots from the field for 12 points. But no one in L.A. complained as the seven-footer registered a postseason career-high 19 rebounds. If that wasnít enough, he also logged five dimes and four blocks in the Lakers' Game 5 100-92 win. Defensively, the Spaniard held Tim Duncan to 19 points, as he shot 7-of-19 from the field. Following the game the L.A.'s center told the Los Angeles Times, "Offensively, I didn't have a good night shooting, but I was just persistent in focusing on the defensive end and trying to pursue the ball, chase it offensively and defensively and get better opportunities for my team." With the help of Gasol, L.A claimed the victory, which earned the Lakers a ticket to the NBA Finals.

Photo: Gasol Heads to NBA Finals