By Lauren Brill

The Global Top 10 is your weekly guide to NBA global news. In this week's edition find out who stepped up for the Cavs, who played big for the Hawks and which three-point specialist helped the Hornets defeat the Spurs in Game 2.

Pau Completes the Puzzle

It was just about a year ago when Kobe Bryant let it be known he no longer wanted to be a Laker. Kobe's wishes stemmed from the belief that he was not surrounded with enough talent to win a championship. Clearly not even Kobe anticipated what was to come. The Lakers finished in first place in the West and the superstar received an MVP award. Kobe credits his teammates for the team's success thus far. So, what changed in a year? The answer is Pau Gasol. Acquiring the center prior to the trade deadline, the seven-footer appears to have been the missing piece of the Lakers' puzzle. Game 1 of the Conference Semi Finals, Gasol gave another demonstration of how he adds a new dimension to the Lakers' squad, stuffing the stat sheet with 18 points,10 rebounds, five dimes and two blocks in the Game 1 109-98 victory.