By Lauren Brill

The Global Top 10 is your weekly guide to NBA global news. In this week's edition find out who returned to the court, who led their team to victory after trailing by as many as 22 points and who scored a career-high against the Spurs.

Dirk Puts the Now in Nowitzki

The Mavericks may have played the Warriors on Wednesday night but according to Dallas' coach Avery Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki is a warrior. Despite the fact that the Germany native is still recovering from a sprained left knee and ankle, Nowitzki laced 'em up to give his squad the boost they needed. Back in action after missing four games, the seven-footer logged 18 points and five rebounds en route to the Mavs' 111-86 victory against Golden State. While the seven-time All-Star's aches and pains prevented him from bringing his A game, Golden State's coach Don Nelson told the AP, "The big difference was Nowitzki playing. He was quite an inspiration to them." The victory couldn't have come at a better time for the Mavs, as the triumph over Golden State puts them at the seventh seed in the West, a game a head of the eighth-seeded Denver squad.

Photo: Dirk Returns