The International Blogtable: The Better Big Three?

Every week, the International Blogtable brings together some of the best basketball minds from around the world, posing a burning question to writers and editors from the NBA's fleet of international web destinations. It's a BIG world, after all.
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It’s a best-of-three series now. So, knowing what you know now, which Big 3 would you rather have?
Pawel Weszka
Editor, NBA Africa

Miami’s. Wade and James’ offensive versatility and defensive skills make them unpredictable – they can play in a team setting, they can riff off each other or they can go one-one-one against pretty much anyone in this league. Spo’s move to start Miller was crucial and from that Wade’s first pull-up against Splitter one could tell that D-Wade was all about business. When the Spurs are clicking one must admire their Big 3 and Parker’s leadership, but when they are not… you gotta respect those 85 points from Miami’s stars, which were only eight points short of the Spurs’ total points in Game 4.
Adriano Albuquerque
Blogger, NBA Brasil

Can we mix and match? Because I'd love to have Tony, LeBron and Timmy together… Anyway, right now, I'd rather have Miami's 3, because Manu Ginobili has been too up-and-down and TP is playing banged up. But if we matched them up in their respective primes, I want the Spurs' trio all day, everyday.
Philipp Dornhegge

I would obviously prefer the Heat’s Big 3. Not only do they have the best player in the world in LeBron, but also a rejuvenated Dwyane Wade and a Chris Bosh, who seems to have found his inner beast. The way he’s been scrambling on D over the past few games was pretty impressive. You certainly can’t say the same thing about Manu Ginobili. The Argentinian is in a giant funk, plays uninspired basketball and seems to put the Spurs in a bad position whenever he checks into a game these days. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are good, but not great right now.
Eduardo Schell
Editor, NBA España

LeBron,Wade and Bosh are stronger and faster, but I doubt they're as wise and smart as the 'aging' Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Difficult choice with so many pros and cons, but ill pick TD-TP-MG because they make others better and they're more experienced. And you know the saying "The devil knows more from experience than from being the devil."
Akshay Manwani
Blogger, NBA India

Definitely Miami’s Big 3, with LeBron, ‘Flash’ Wade and Bosh. San Antonio’s troika of stars aren’t anywhere near matching those three, with Tony Parker’s ailing hamstring and Manu Ginobili in need of a time machine that could send him back to his ’07-’08 form. The Argentinian is 10-for-29 from the field, 3-for-16 from behind the arc and has turned the ball over seven times in this series. Even Tim Duncan, who may be averaging double-digit rebounds (11), is just 22-for-53 (41.50 percent) from the field in the Finals. Also, as this series extends itself to six games definitely, seven possibly, the Heat’s younger ‘Big 3’ hold the edge over the Spurs ‘older 3’.
Davide Chinellato
Editor, NBA Italia

I’d still rather have Miami’s Big 3. Mainly because LeBron is the best of the planet and still has to play like the four-MVP-in-five-years player he is. Plus, Dwyane Wade is among the top 10, maybe top 5 players in the league when healthy. And he’s getting better and bette in the series. Chris Bosh is likely not as much of a superstar as the other two, but he’s still a great big man. So I’ll pick them over Spurs’ Big 3, even if Tony Parker is playing the best basketball of his life, Tim Duncan drank at the fountain of the Youth and Manu Ginobili is not as bad as the 18.8 percent from downtown suggests
Aldo Avinante

I'd take Miami's Big 3 in a heartbeat. If LeBron performs the way he played in Game 4 - - a dominant do-it-all player, which is what we expect from him -- the Heat will be tough to beat. Dwyane Wade showed the world that he can still be explosive while Chris Bosh played his part especially on the defensive end. Meanwhile, the Spurs are crippled by the poor play of Manu Ginobili. They need him to step up and be the daredevil player that impacts the game like no else can on their team. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have been carrying the cudgels for their team and their shooters have been tremendous in the Finals but Manu needs to wake up and provide the energy they sorely need if they face another onslaught performance from Lebron and the Heat.