Today, at the Children’s Palace in Shanghai the Walt Disney Company, the Red Cross Society and the One Foundation, founded by international film star Jet Li, teamed up to conduct the opening ceremony for Disney’s “Happy House”. The “Happy House” will be a useful resource for children with either mental or physical health ailments. Invited by Li, NBA legends George Gervin and Rick Barry attended the event and interacted with the children.’s Mo Wang caught up with former NBA star, George Gervin to discuss his trip to China along with the importance of helping today’s youth. How do you feel about Shanghai?
George Gervin: I like this city very much. I like everything from the structures to the people. I am enjoying every minute I spend in Shanghai. Can you talk about today’s event?
George Gervin: I know that Jet Li has a foundation for helping children, which is very good. I believe that no matter how famous you are you still need to have a positive attitude and help people who are in need of help. I understand that Jet Li’s foundation is following this principle. Li's foundation hopes to help children. I am very glad that I attended an event like this. It is very important to help the children.
George Gervin: Yes, children are our future. We have to make sure that there are programs set up to provide them love and care. Are you a fan of Jet Li?
George Gervin: Yes, I am a big fun of his. I watched all his movies. I love his movies. They are very entertaining. Through those movies we see Jet Li’s talent and knowledge of the arts. Do you have any thoughts on tonight’s game?
George Gervin: I believe that it’s going to be a very good preseason game. Both teams worked very hard. The coaches taught the players some new strategies. It is going to be a good game.