Today, at the Children’s Palace in Shanghai the Walt Disney Company, the Red Cross Society and the One Foundation, founded by international film star Jet Li, teamed up to conduct the opening ceremony for Disney’s “Happy House”. The “Happy House” will be a useful resource for children with either mental or physical health ailments. Invited by Li, NBA legends George Gervin and Rick Barry attended the event and interacted with the children.’s Mo Wang caught up with former NBA star, Rick Barry to discuss his trip to China along with the importance of helping today’s youth. Is this your first visit to China?
Rick Barry: No, I came here a few times before. I am happy to visit Shanghai again, since it was a few years ago. Shanghai has changed a lot. It’s amazing. Caring for the next generation is very important.
Rick Barry: I believe that no matter where you are, it’s a very important thing to do. I have a lot of children myself, so I am very happy to attend an event like this. Jet Li’s foundation really helps the next generation, which is also our future. Are you a fan of Jet Li?
Rick Barry: I love to watch Jet Li’s movies. I am hoping that I can be as fast as him when I play basketball. The NBA focuses on helping society.
Rick Barry: Yes, the NBA is not only a basketball league, it is also an organization the helps society, young people, and those with disabilities. I feel glad that I am a part of this outstanding organization. Do you have any thoughts on tonight’s game?
Rick Barry: I believe that it will be an intense game. Everyone will play very hard. Orlando Magic will try their best because they did not do very well last season. On the other hand the Cleveland Cavaliers went to the Finals. In addition, James and Howard are talented players. Coach Stan Van Gundy will add some new elements to the Magic. I am looking forward to watching this game.