Q: When Jordan and Pippen won the championship title, Pippen was like Jordanís right hand man, wingman. You are probably looking forward to win the championship title for the Cavaliers, do you think youíll be LeBronís wingman or his right hand man in the same way Pippen was to Jordan.

A: Wow I hope so, I would think that LeBron gained a lot of faith and confidence in me last year, so I think he does look for me in certain situations but I think we have a team full of guys thatís really going to help us win the championship. But yeah I think I am going be a big help in helping us do that though.

Q: We know people call you Boobie as your nickname, we also know Chauncey Billups is your favorite player, is that connected. And whatís the story from your nickname?

A: Ok yeah, Chauncey Billups is my favorite players and I really look up to when it comes to playing basketball. The nickname came from when I was a little kid, my grandmother and my mother it was just there way of treating me like the youngest, because I was the youngest out of four children. So, it was just their way of showing me that I was a baby, you know, basically spoiling.

Q: Even though NBA China Games is only a preseason game out of the many other preseason games you are going to be playing, but it will also be a game that determines your position on the team, do you think that you will be on the starting roster or perhaps the sixth man.

A: I think it is kind of hard to say now. I know that as a team right now we are trying to find the best way for us to become the team that we know we can be. So I know coaches are going through a lot of different lineups to try and figure out what he wants to do. But in the end, whether I am starting or whether I am the sixth man, I just want to be the biggest help possible and be able to help out my team in the best way I can.

Q: Itís the first time for you to be coming to China, and your teammate LeBron James has been here before. Did he tell you or introduce you anything interesting about China, like some delicious food to eat or any fun and nice places to visit?

A: LeBron he told me he has been there before. I mean basically all he said was that he enjoyed himself and he had a great time while he was out there. He didn'tí give me any specific place to go eat or go visit. But I know that once we get out there by him being out there before he will be able to you know show us around and find spots to go out and see.

Q: How seriously are the Cavaliers taking the games in China? Are they a bit of fun or are you looking to beat one of your conference rivals before the season have even started?

A: I know that as a team we are competitive. We know that we step out on the floor against Orlando, they are going to be looking forward...to be as a team, and you know the challenge. We are looking forward to playing against them. I know that playing in China, its going to be a great experience for both teams so weíll try and enjoy it but at the same time I know we are going to be competing and both teams are going to be trying to win.

Q: The Cavaliers didn't make any major adjustments on the team this past summer. What are some of the goals or the aims that this team has in the coming new season?

A: I think that as a team we are not making any changes as an organization they have a lot of confidence in us. And they know that we already have the pieces in a place we need in order to win. So I think as a team we feel more confident that we feel like they trust us and we have what we need to get the job done.

Q: Yi Jianlian just joined Milwaukee Bucks, what do you think about this player and how heís going to play in the coming season. And if he doesnít play up to what people are expecting of himÖwhat do you are peopleís expectations or how are they going to feel about him.

A: I know that in the summer league we got a chance to play against him and I got a chance to see him up close in person. And I know first hand that heís going to be a great player, and I just look forward to what heís going to do in Milwaukee. As far as the expectations for him goes, as far as the team goes I know that Milwaukee is a team that will build him, but I know that city and their town will have a lot of space for his performance so I know its going to be a great place for him to be and heís going be a great player heís going to be fine.