This is the last day of Jinan stop and also the final wrap up of 2008 NBA Fit Camp,though it's been nearly 10 days continuous travelling from US to Shantou then Xi'an and end up to Jinan, NBA legend Glen Rice, coach Rex and all the Jr coaches still showed the tremendous enthusiasm giving 93 Jinan campers the best of the fundamental skills training for them to bring back home as life-long benefits.

To all the campers, this is a significant opportunity to receive an all-around basketball instructions of fitness, nutrition, teamwork, but most importantly the sens of giving back society and that talent plus hard working are the key factors leading up to success. To two foundations, the success of the program and the excitement from all campers encouraged them to strengthen the commitment to a long term social responsibility initiative.

All in the end, we'd like to express our sincere thanks to Glen Rice, Coach Rex Kalamian, Marty Conlon, and all the Jr coaches Aaron Hawke, Jeremiah Boswell, Joseph Ye, and Yuki Lin, for the efforts, the passion, the enthusiasm, the encouragement and the love they brought to 253 Chinese campers at 2008 NBA Fit Camp.

Also the special thanks to Reggie and William, two friends of Glen Rice who enthusiastically participated as the volunteer coaches, sharing their precious NBA basketball spirit and experience with Chinese campers.

It's you all to make the success of 2008 NBA Fit Camp happen.