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2017 Free Agent Tracker

Player Position Age ExperienceFree Agency Type Old Team New Team Points Per GameAssists Per GameRebounds Per Game News
Afflalo, ArronG31Years Old12 YearsUFASAC---11.3Points Per Game1.9Assists Per Game3Rebounds Per GameKings waive veteran guard Afflalo
Allen, LavoyF-C28Years Old6 YearsUFA**IND---4.8Points Per Game1Assists Per Game4.8Rebounds Per Game
Allen, TonyF-G35Years Old13 YearsUFAMEM---8.2Points Per Game1.3Assists Per Game3.6Rebounds Per Game
Andersen, ChrisF-C39Years Old15 YearsUFACHA----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Anderson, AlanF-G34Years Old8 YearsUFALAC---7.3Points Per Game1.1Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
Anthony, JoelC34Years Old9 YearsUFASAS---2.2Points Per Game0.2Assists Per Game2.8Rebounds Per Game
Babbitt, LukeF28Years Old7 YearsUFAMIA---4.7Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game2.3Rebounds Per Game
Baker, RonG24Years Old1 YearsRFANYK---4.1Points Per Game2.1Assists Per Game1.9Rebounds Per Game
Barnes, MattF37Years Old15 YearsUFAGSW---8.2Points Per Game1.8Assists Per Game4.6Rebounds Per Game
Bass, BrandonF32Years Old12 YearsUFALAC---8.7Points Per Game0.8Assists Per Game4.5Rebounds Per Game
Baynes, AronF-C30Years Old5 YearsUFA*DET---5.2Points Per Game0.5Assists Per Game4.1Rebounds Per GameBaynes declines player option, becomes free agent
Beasley, MichaelF28Years Old9 YearsUFAMIL---12.6Points Per Game1.3Assists Per Game4.7Rebounds Per Game
Bogdanovic, BojanG28Years Old3 YearsRFAWAS---11.3Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game3.1Rebounds Per Game
Bogut, AndrewC32Years Old12 YearsUFACLE----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Brooks, AaronG32Years Old9 YearsUFAIND---10.1Points Per Game3.1Assists Per Game1.7Rebounds Per Game
Brown, BobbyG32Years Old3 YearsRFAHOU---4.6Points Per Game1.6Assists Per Game0.7Rebounds Per Game
Bullock, ReggieF26Years Old4 YearsRFADET---3Points Per Game0.5Assists Per Game1.6Rebounds Per Game
Burke, TreyG24Years Old4 YearsRFAWAS---10.6Points Per Game3.6Assists Per Game2.1Rebounds Per Game
Calderon, JoseG35Years Old12 YearsUFAATL---9.6Points Per Game6.2Assists Per Game2.5Rebounds Per Game
Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousG24Years Old4 YearsRFADET---11.7Points Per Game1.6Assists Per Game3Rebounds Per Game
Carter, VinceF-G40Years Old19 YearsUFAMEM---18.2Points Per Game3.3Assists Per Game4.6Rebounds Per Game
Carter-Williams, MichaelG25Years Old4 YearsRFACHI---13Points Per Game5.4Assists Per Game5.2Rebounds Per Game
Casspi, OmriF29Years Old8 YearsUFAMIN---8.2Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game4.1Rebounds Per Game
Clark, IanG26Years Old4 YearsUFAGSW---4.5Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game1.1Rebounds Per Game
Collison, DarrenG29Years Old8 YearsUFASAC---12.7Points Per Game4.8Assists Per Game2.6Rebounds Per Game
Collison, NickF36Years Old14 YearsUFAOKC---6Points Per Game1Assists Per Game5.2Rebounds Per Game
Covington, RobertF26Years Old4 YearsUFA**PHIPHI12.7Points Per Game1.4Assists Per Game5.6Rebounds Per GameSixers exercise team option on Covington
Cunningham, DanteF30Years Old8 YearsUFA*NOP---6.1Points Per Game0.7Assists Per Game3.8Rebounds Per Game
Curry, StephenG29Years Old8 YearsUFAGSW---22.8Points Per Game6.8Assists Per Game4.4Rebounds Per Game
Dedmon, DewayneC27Years Old4 YearsUFA*SAS---4.3Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game5.1Rebounds Per Game
Durant, KevinF28Years Old10 YearsUFA*GSW---27.2Points Per Game3.8Assists Per Game7.2Rebounds Per Game
Ennis, TylerG22Years Old3 YearsUFALAL---4.2Points Per Game1.9Assists Per Game1.2Rebounds Per Game
Evans, TyrekeF-G27Years Old8 YearsUFASAC---16.1Points Per Game5.1Assists Per Game4.8Rebounds Per Game
Felicio, CristianoF-C25Years Old2 YearsRFACHI---4.3Points Per Game0.7Assists Per Game4.3Rebounds Per Game
Felton, RaymondG33Years Old12 YearsUFALAC---11.9Points Per Game5.7Assists Per Game3.1Rebounds Per Game
Ferrell, YogiG24Years Old1 YearsRFA**DAL---10Points Per Game3.7Assists Per Game2.4Rebounds Per Game
Foye, RandyG33Years Old11 YearsUFABKN---10.3Points Per Game2.8Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
Gallinari, DaniloF28Years Old9 YearsUFA*DEN---15.3Points Per Game2Assists Per Game4.7Rebounds Per Game
Galloway, LangstonG25Years Old3 YearsUFA*SAC---8.7Points Per Game2.2Assists Per Game3.2Rebounds Per Game
Gasol, PauC37Years Old16 YearsUFA*SAS---17.9Points Per Game3.2Assists Per Game9.4Rebounds Per Game
Gay, RudyF30Years Old11 YearsUFA*SAC---18.4Points Per Game2.3Assists Per Game5.9Rebounds Per Game
Gibson, TajF32Years Old8 YearsUFAOKC---9.4Points Per Game1Assists Per Game6.3Rebounds Per Game
Ginobili, ManuG39Years Old15 YearsUFASAS---13.6Points Per Game3.9Assists Per Game3.6Rebounds Per Game
Grant, JeramiF23Years Old3 YearsUFA**OKC---7.2Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game3.4Rebounds Per Game
Green, GeraldF31Years Old10 YearsUFABOS---9.6Points Per Game1Assists Per Game2.4Rebounds Per Game
Green, JaMychalF27Years Old3 YearsRFAMEM---7.4Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game5.4Rebounds Per Game
Green, JeffF30Years Old9 YearsUFAORL---13.5Points Per Game1.6Assists Per Game4.7Rebounds Per Game
Griffin, BlakeF28Years Old8 YearsUFA***LAC---21.5Points Per Game4.1Assists Per Game9.4Rebounds Per Game
Hardaway Jr., TimG25Years Old4 YearsRFAATL---11Points Per Game1.5Assists Per Game2.1Rebounds Per Game
Haslem, UdonisF37Years Old14 YearsUFAMIA---7.8Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game6.9Rebounds Per Game
Hawes, SpencerF-C29Years Old10 YearsUFA*MIL---8.7Points Per Game1.9Assists Per Game5.7Rebounds Per Game
Hayward, GordonF27Years Old7 YearsUFA*UTA---15.7Points Per Game3.4Assists Per Game4.2Rebounds Per Game
Hibbert, RoyC30Years Old9 YearsUFADEN---10Points Per Game1.3Assists Per Game6.3Rebounds Per Game
Hill, GeorgeG31Years Old9 YearsUFAUTA---11.8Points Per Game3.3Assists Per Game3.2Rebounds Per Game
Holiday, JrueG27Years Old8 YearsUFANOP---14.3Points Per Game6.2Assists Per Game3.6Rebounds Per Game
Holiday, JustinG28Years Old4 YearsUFANYK---5.7Points Per Game1.1Assists Per Game2Rebounds Per Game
Humphries, KrisF32Years Old13 YearsUFAATL---6.7Points Per Game0.7Assists Per Game5.4Rebounds Per Game
Ibaka, SergeF27Years Old8 YearsUFATOR---12Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game7.3Rebounds Per Game
Iguodala, AndreF-G33Years Old13 YearsUFAGSW---13Points Per Game4.5Assists Per Game5.3Rebounds Per Game
Ilyasova, ErsanF30Years Old10 YearsUFAATL---11Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game5.9Rebounds Per Game
Ingles, JoeF29Years Old3 YearsRFAUTA---5.5Points Per Game2.1Assists Per Game2.4Rebounds Per Game
Jennings, BrandonG27Years Old8 YearsUFAWAS---14.3Points Per Game5.7Assists Per Game3Rebounds Per Game
Jerebko, JonasF30Years Old8 YearsUFABOS---6.2Points Per Game0.8Assists Per Game4.1Rebounds Per Game
Johnson, AmirF30Years Old12 YearsUFABOS---7.5Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game5.7Rebounds Per Game
Johnson, JamesF30Years Old8 YearsUFAMIA---7.5Points Per Game1.8Assists Per Game3.4Rebounds Per Game
Jones, JamesF-G36Years Old14 YearsUFACLE---5.2Points Per Game0.5Assists Per Game1.8Rebounds Per Game
Jones, TerrenceF25Years Old5 YearsUFAMIL----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Korver, KyleG36Years Old14 YearsUFACLE---10Points Per Game1.8Assists Per Game3.1Rebounds Per Game
Lauvergne, JoffreyF-C25Years Old3 YearsRFACHI---6.1Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game4Rebounds Per Game
Lawson, TyG29Years Old8 YearsUFASAC---12.7Points Per Game6Assists Per Game2.7Rebounds Per Game
Lee, DavidF-C34Years Old12 YearsUFA*SAS---13.5Points Per Game2.2Assists Per Game8.8Rebounds Per Game
Len, AlexC24Years Old4 YearsRFAPHX---6.9Points Per Game0.7Assists Per Game6.2Rebounds Per Game
Liggins, DeAndreG29Years Old4 YearsUFA**DAL---2.1Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game1.5Rebounds Per Game
Livingston, ShaunG31Years Old13 YearsUFAGSW---6.6Points Per Game3.2Assists Per Game2.5Rebounds Per Game
Lowry, KyleG31Years Old11 YearsUFA*TOR---14.3Points Per Game5.8Assists Per Game4.1Rebounds Per Game
Mack, ShelvinG27Years Old6 YearsUFAUTA---6.3Points Per Game2.9Assists Per Game1.9Rebounds Per Game
Mbah A Moute, LucF30Years Old9 YearsUFA*LAC---6.3Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game4.2Rebounds Per Game
McAdoo, James MichaelF24Years Old3 YearsRFAGSW---3Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game1.7Rebounds Per Game
McDaniels, KJF-G24Years Old3 YearsUFA**BKN---5.3Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
McGee, JaValeC29Years Old9 YearsUFAGSW---7.8Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game5Rebounds Per Game
McLemore, BenG24Years Old4 YearsRFASAC---9.4Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game2.6Rebounds Per Game
McRae, JordanG26Years Old2 YearsUFACLE----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
McRoberts, JoshF30Years Old10 YearsUFA*MIA---5.4Points Per Game2.1Assists Per Game3.9Rebounds Per Game
Meeks, JodieG29Years Old8 YearsUFAORL---9.8Points Per Game1.1Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
Miles, CJF-G30Years Old12 YearsUFA*IND---9.8Points Per Game1.1Assists Per Game2.5Rebounds Per Game
Mills, PattyG28Years Old8 YearsUFASAS---7.9Points Per Game2.2Assists Per Game1.5Rebounds Per Game
Millsap, PaulF32Years Old11 YearsUFA*ATL---14.2Points Per Game2.3Assists Per Game7.5Rebounds Per Game
Mirotic, NikolaF26Years Old3 YearsRFACHI---10.8Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game5.3Rebounds Per Game
Monroe, GregC27Years Old7 YearsUFA*MIL---14.1Points Per Game2.3Assists Per Game8.7Rebounds Per Game
Morrow, AnthonyG31Years Old9 YearsUFACHI---9.4Points Per Game0.9Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
Motiejunas, DonatasF-C26Years Old5 YearsUFANOP---7.4Points Per Game1.1Assists Per Game3.8Rebounds Per Game
Muhammad, ShabazzF24Years Old4 YearsRFAMIN---9.7Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game3Rebounds Per Game
Muscala, MikeF-C26Years Old4 YearsUFAATL---4.8Points Per Game0.8Assists Per Game2.8Rebounds Per Game
NeneF-C34Years Old15 YearsUFAHOU---12Points Per Game1.9Assists Per Game6.3Rebounds Per Game
Noel, NerlensF-C23Years Old4 YearsRFADAL---10Points Per Game1.6Assists Per Game7.5Rebounds Per Game
Nowitzki, DirkF39Years Old19 YearsUFA**DAL---21.7Points Per Game2.5Assists Per Game7.8Rebounds Per Game
Olynyk, KellyF-C26Years Old4 YearsRFABOS---9.5Points Per Game1.7Assists Per Game4.7Rebounds Per Game
Pachulia, ZazaC33Years Old14 YearsUFAGSW---7Points Per Game1.3Assists Per Game6Rebounds Per Game
Patterson, PatrickF28Years Old7 YearsUFATOR---7.9Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game4.7Rebounds Per Game
Paul, ChrisG31Years Old12 YearsUFA***LAC---18.7Points Per Game9.9Assists Per Game4.4Rebounds Per Game
Payne, AdreianF26Years Old3 YearsUFAMIN---4Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game3Rebounds Per Game
Plumlee, MasonC27Years Old4 YearsRFADEN---9Points Per Game2Assists Per Game6.5Rebounds Per Game
Porter, OttoF24Years Old4 YearsRFAWAS---9.3Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game4.4Rebounds Per Game
Randolph, ZachF35Years Old16 YearsUFAMEM---16.8Points Per Game1.8Assists Per Game9.3Rebounds Per Game
Redick, JJG33Years Old11 YearsUFALAC---11.9Points Per Game1.8Assists Per Game1.9Rebounds Per Game
Reed, WillieF-C27Years Old4 YearsUFA*MIA---5.1Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game4.1Rebounds Per Game
Roberson, AndreF25Years Old4 YearsRFAOKC---4.5Points Per Game0.8Assists Per Game3.9Rebounds Per Game
Roberts, BrianG31Years Old5 YearsUFACHA---6.6Points Per Game2.3Assists Per Game1.3Rebounds Per Game
Robinson, ThomasF26Years Old5 YearsUFALAL---4.9Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game4.8Rebounds Per Game
Rodriguez, SergioG31Years Old5 YearsUFAPHI---4.9Points Per Game3.4Assists Per Game1.5Rebounds Per Game
Rose, DerrickG28Years Old9 YearsUFANYK---19.5Points Per Game6Assists Per Game3.7Rebounds Per Game
Rudez, DamjanF31Years Old3 YearsRFAORL---3.3Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game0.6Rebounds Per Game
Rush, BrandonF-G32Years Old9 YearsUFAMIN---6.8Points Per Game1Assists Per Game2.9Rebounds Per Game
Scola, Luis---37Years Old10 YearsUFABKN----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Scott, MikeF28Years Old5 YearsUFAPHX----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Sefolosha, ThaboF33Years Old11 YearsUFAATL---5.9Points Per Game1.5Assists Per Game3.9Rebounds Per Game
Sessions, RamonG31Years Old10 YearsUFA**CHA---10.6Points Per Game4.1Assists Per Game2.7Rebounds Per Game
Simmons, JonathonF-G27Years Old2 YearsRFASAS---6.1Points Per Game1.4Assists Per Game1.9Rebounds Per Game
Snell, TonyF-G25Years Old4 YearsRFAMIL---6.2Points Per Game1Assists Per Game2.5Rebounds Per Game
Speights, MarreeseF-C29Years Old9 YearsUFA*LAC---7.9Points Per Game0.6Assists Per Game4.2Rebounds Per Game
Splitter, TiagoF-C32Years Old7 YearsUFAPHI---7.9Points Per Game1.2Assists Per Game5Rebounds Per Game
Stuckey, RodneyG31Years Old10 YearsUFAIND----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Sullinger, JaredC25Years Old5 YearsUFAPHX----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Teague, JeffG29Years Old8 YearsUFAIND---12.6Points Per Game5.5Assists Per Game2.4Rebounds Per Game
Terry, JasonG39Years Old18 YearsUFAMIL---13.8Points Per Game3.9Assists Per Game2.4Rebounds Per Game
Thornton, MarcusG30Years Old8 YearsUFABKN----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Tolliver, AnthonyF32Years Old9 YearsUFASAC----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Tucker, PJF32Years Old6 YearsUFATOR---7.7Points Per Game1.6Assists Per Game5.7Rebounds Per Game
Udrih, BenoG35Years Old13 YearsUFADET---8.4Points Per Game3.4Assists Per Game2.1Rebounds Per Game
Vujacic, SashaG33Years Old10 YearsUFANYK---5.3Points Per Game1.3Assists Per Game1.9Rebounds Per Game
Wade, DwyaneG35Years Old14 YearsUFA*CHI---23.3Points Per Game5.7Assists Per Game4.8Rebounds Per Game
Waiters, DionG25Years Old5 YearsUFA*MIA---13.2Points Per Game2.7Assists Per Game2.7Rebounds Per Game
West, DavidF36Years Old14 YearsUFAGSW---14.1Points Per Game2.2Assists Per Game6.6Rebounds Per Game
Wilcox, C.J.G26Years Old3 YearsUFAORL----Points Per Game-Assists Per Game-Rebounds Per Game
Williams, AlanF-C24Years Old2 YearsRFAPHX---6.6Points Per Game0.5Assists Per Game5.8Rebounds Per Game
Williams, DeronG33Years Old12 YearsUFACLE---16.3Points Per Game8.1Assists Per Game3.1Rebounds Per Game
Withey, JeffC27Years Old4 YearsUFAUTA---3.3Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game2.6Rebounds Per Game
Wood, ChristianF21Years Old2 YearsRFA**CHA---3.2Points Per Game0.2Assists Per Game2.2Rebounds Per Game
World Peace, MettaF37Years Old17 YearsUFALAL---13.2Points Per Game2.7Assists Per Game4.5Rebounds Per Game
Young, JamesF-G21Years Old3 YearsUFABOS---2.3Points Per Game0.3Assists Per Game1.1Rebounds Per Game
Young, NickF-G32Years Old10 YearsUFALAL---12Points Per Game1Assists Per Game2Rebounds Per GameYoung opts out of deal with Lakers
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  • **Team Option
  • ***Early Termination Option

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