With the Cleveland Cavaliers having lost Game 1 of the 2007 NBA Finals on Thursday night in San Antonio, many Cavs rooters, no doubt, are hoping that LeBron James and Co. can regroup to win Game 2 before heading back to what will be a raucous Q for Game 3.

However, upon closer inspection, since the league switched to the current 2-3-2 format in 1985 (as opposed to the 2-2-1-1-1 format used for the three rounds prior to The Finals), only two teams have rebounded from a Game 1 loss on the road to win Game 2. But if you’re a Cavs fan looking on the bright side, both of those teams, the ’85 Lakers and the ’98 Bulls, won the NBA championship, while six teams overall have lost the first game of the NBA Finals and bounced back to grab the title.

Here are some more facts to consider:

1) Teams have split the first two games 10 times ('85, '88, '90-'92, '94, '98, '01, '03-'04)

2) Having played the first two games on the road, three teams have returned come home and held serve ('95 Rockets, '04 Pistons, '06 Heat)

3) 13 teams with the home court advantage that have won Game 1 have gone on to win the series; Two times the series has ended in a sweep ('89 and '02); Two times the series has ended in five games ('90 and '99)

4) A sixth game has been forced eight times after one team has gone up 2-0

5) Only once has a seventh game been forced after a team has trailed 2-0 ('05)

6) Only once has a team lost the first three games and forced a Game 6 ('96 Sonics)

Year Home-Court Advantage Opponent Game-by-Game Outcome (H=Home, A=Away) NBA Champion
1985 Boston Celtics L.A. Lakers H, A, H, A, H, AL.A. Lakers
1986 Boston Celtics Houston H, H, H, A, H, HBoston Celtics
1987 L.A. Lakers Boston H, H, H, A, H, HL.A. Lakers
1988 L.A. Lakers Detroit A, H, A, H, H, H, HL.A. Lakers
1989 Detroit Pistons L.A. Lakers H, H, A, ADetroit Pistons
1990 Detroit Pistons Portland H, A, A, A, ADetroit Pistons
1991 Chicago Bulls L.A. LakersA, H, H, H, H Chicago Bulls
1992 Chicago Bulls Portland H, A, A, H, A, HChicago Bulls
1993 Phoenix Suns Chicago A, A, A, H, A, AChicago Bulls
1994 Houston Rockets New York H, A, A, H, H, H, HHouston Rockets
1995 Orlando Magic Houston A, A, H, HHouston Rockets
1996 Chicago Bulls Seattle H, H, A, H, H, HChicago Bulls
1997 Chicago Bulls Utah H, H, H, H, A, HChicago Bulls
1998 Utah Jazz Chicago H, A, H, H, A, AChicago Bulls
1999 San Antonio Spurs New York H, H, H, A, ASan Antonio Spurs
2000 L.A. Lakers Indiana H, H, H, A, H, HL.A. Lakers
2001 L.A. Lakers Philadelphia A, H, A, A, AL.A. Lakers
2002 L.A. Lakers New Jersey H, H, A, AL.A. Lakers
2003 San Antonio Spurs New Jersey H, A, A, H, A, HSan Antonio Spurs
2004 L.A. Lakers Detroit A, H, H, H, HDetroit Pistons
2005 San Antonio Spurs Detroit H, H, H, H, A, A, HSan Antonio Spurs
2006 Dallas Mavericks Miami H, H, H, H, H, AMiami Heat