From People Magazine

Wade (in his Pinecrest, Fla., closet) says his collection is down from its height of about 1,000 pairs.
Photo courtesy: Brian Smith/People Magazine
Is this an addiction?

Probably. I need new shoes every day.


Feels good on my feet. Itís a luxury.

Does Imelda Marcos ring a bell?

I get that a lot.

She was said to have 3,000 pairs.

Now thatís on another level!

How did you get started?

I wanted the latest fashion. An outfit with older shoes might not pop.

Did you have a lot of shoes as a kid?

If I was lucky, I had two pairs [each year]. So Iím making up for lost time.

Last summer you owned about 1,000 pairs. We heard that your wife, Siohvaughn, finally said, ĎEnough!í

She doesnít like clutter. She stays on me. Sometimes itís a point of conflict.

Where do the discarded shoes go?

I give them to the garbage men around here. Theyíre real nice people, and they wear [size] 14s. Also, my wife gives them to different organizations.

How much can you spend?

Most of the shoes I buy are dress shoes and can go between $700 to $1,000 easy if they are handmade.

Any current favorites?

Iím a Chicago guy, so I kind of like that alligator or ostrich look.

How can you possibly decide which pair to wear each morning?

I make sure the shoes are organized by color. I am picky. My stuff has got to be organized to a T.