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MIAMI, June 16 -- His story captivated the nation. Jason McElwain, a senior at Greece-Athena High School and student manager of the basketball team, appeared in uniform for the first time ever on Senior Night. And when he got in, the 17-year-old, who is living with autism, scored 20 points in four minutes, nailing six three-pointers.

Since the performance, McElwain's life has completely changed. Once just a regular kid, media reports highlighting his inspirational effort have made him a national celebrity. Just mention "J-Mac" to any hoop head in America, and they'll likely know who you're talking about. Magic Johnson is now producing a film documenting his life.

Most recently, McElwain and his family made the trip to Miami to attend Game 4 of The Finals. On Friday, spoke to McElwain's father, Dave, and then to "J-Mac" himself to get their thoughts on the experience.

Q: How did it come about that Jason would attend Game 4?

Jason's father, Dave McElwain: ESPN called. They did another interview on Jason about two weeks ago. The interviewed Jason, myself, my wife and my son about the letters we've received from people. One of the letters was from a couple in North Carolina, and they ended up interviewing them. So they did the piece, and they showed it during last night's game. And they invited Jason, myself and my son down to the game.

Q: What was the opportunity to be at The Finals like for Jason?

D.M.: Oh, it was amazing. They took him back to a pre-game party where he met the Commissioner. He got to go down at the court when they were warming up, down by the Dallas end. (Mavericks forward) Dirk Nowitzki came over, (Dallas owner) Mark Cuban came over, so did (Mavericks guard) Jerry Stackhouse. It was amazing. He's really high right now.

Q: Jason, what was it like meeting the Mavericks' players?

Jason McElwain: It was fun. It was another dream come true. It was great seeing them.

Q: What have things been like for you since scoring 20 points in four minutes?

Mark Cuban signs an autograph for Jason McElwain.
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J.M.: It's turned my life upside down. My senior year has been upside down.

Q: What are some of the interesting things you've done?

J.M.: I went to the Final Four, (now) to the NBA Finals. I met the President of the United States. I met the Governer and Donald Trump.

Q: What was it like meeting the President and how does The Finals experience compare?

J.M.: It's the same. Meeting the President was fun. I mean, everything's been amazing.

Q: What are you thoughts about Magic Johnson making a movie about your life?

J.M.: It's going to be a great movie.

Q: What are your impressions of Magic and what's it like to know him?

J.M.: It's great. He's a very impressive person.

Q: Is there any message you'd like to tell people who've been touched by your story?

J.M.: My advice to kids with autism is never give up and keep working hard toward your dream. As Magic would say, "If you don't dream it, you can't accomplish it."